Flotation Circuit Design-Sizing

Calculate/Estimate how much flotation retention time a given cell size/volume gives you.
Master Model Model Input Model Output
Dry tonnes per day
Estimated total flotation volume (m3)
Desired flotation time (min)
Number of flotation cells
Desired conditioning time (min)
Total conditioner volume required (m3)
Pulp %solids by weight
Ore specific gravity 3.1 manual input from model A Volume Conversion
Pulp specific gravity
manual input from model B ft3 m3 L
Volume of a float cell (m3)
Volume of a float cell (ft3)
Volume of a float cell (L)
Model A Ore specific gravity
Place a known weight of dried ore into a graduate cylinder containing known volume of water
Model Input
ore weight, grams
volume increase, ml
Ore specific gravity
Model B Pulp specific gravity
Model Input
Ore specific gravity
Tonnage Conversion
Pulp %solids by weight
Pulp specific gravity
Flotation Cell & Conditioner Capacities/Volume Calculator
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