Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

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Am trying to determine the silver content from electrolyte solution of silver cell by titration betw ... (3 replies)

4 days ago
koki 4 days ago

my question is how do i convert back the final concentration i obtained from titration to represent the whole lot, cause am only taking 100mL from roughly 150L. My final concentration from titration i calculate in "g/L

24 hours ago
Jorge 24 hours ago
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It is important to indicate that results are accurate only if the sample is representative of the solution under analysis. In this way, solution should be agitated mechanically before taking a sample. If for any reason, there is sludge in the cell, the solution should be agitated mechanically and allowed to stand for at least 12 hours, ideally 24 hours is better, to take a sample. It is a good practice to get samples from different locations and combine them to get a representative sample.

The titrant could be 0.1N KSN and FAS the indicator. The reagents added to the solution are sulphuric acid and nitric acid. The silver content using 5 ml of solution can be determined using the formula below,

Ag (oz/gal) = ml x 2.877 x N

Where, ml = milliliters used to perform the titration

               N = Normality

Also, AgCN (oz/gal) = Ag x 1.241

8 hours ago
koki 8 hours ago

what is this factor of 2.877 and 1.241


27 mins ago
Jorge 27 mins ago

They are correction factors

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