Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

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Arsenic content in non refractory gold ore (2 replies)

3 weeks ago
ecublens 3 weeks ago

Hello all,

I detected about 0.6% arsenic in the chemical analysis of a gold sample. I don't think it is arsenopyrite, realgar or orpiment as the ore is oxidized and the sulfur content is very low. What could be the source of the arsenic here and how can I find out the mineral form of arsenic?

2 weeks ago
Jorge 2 weeks ago

In other to determine the presence of refractory gold ore, it is important and necessary to perform cyanidation tests supported by mineralogical information to detect the gangue and gold bearing minerals. Good options and QemScan and MLA. Arsenolite can be found in an ore with some degree of oxidation. It is produced by the oxidation of arsenic sulphides.

The arsenic content has an impact on the treatment process. Based on some gold operations, if the arsenic content is higher than 1% w/w, it is possible to get a refractory gold. Also, a roasting process could be an option to treat the ore. If the arsenic content is lower than 1% w/w, the gold ore could be a refractory material, and a simple roasting process could be a cheap option to solve the problem.

2 weeks ago
ecublens 2 weeks ago

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the answer!

As a result of the metallurgical tests,  we did not find any refractoriness. Very high recoveries were achieved with direct cyanide leaching, but the arsenic scares me. I don't know if it will cause a problem. For this purpose I will send samples for QEMSCAN analysis.

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