Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD 2017-04-04T06:57:57+00:00
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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (3 replies)

4 months ago
blessed 4 months ago

Which is the appropriate method of determining composition of minerals from WEEE, pulverized or using them intact. Also which is the best method of recovery pulverized or intact.


Dominique Huot
4 months ago
Dominique Huot 4 months ago
1 like by David

Hello Blessed,

Which minerals you are looking to identify?


4 months ago
blessed 4 months ago

Hello DH,

I would like to recover precious metals, Ag and Au.

4 months ago
Deano 4 months ago

Commercially you have two options for treatment of e-waste for gold and silver.

First is a cyanide leach, second is smelting.

Cyanide will leave behind pgms and any coated or encapsulated gold and silver.

Smelting will recover all precious metals, Japanese smelters will generally give you the best returns even allowing for transport.

Grade can only be estimated at best as there are many variations in the feedstock you are looking at.

The closest estimation can be gotten by running a bulk leach on really well sorted splits of the material in milled and unmilled forms, this will also tell you whether the cost of milling is justified.

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