Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

Assaying, Microscopy, Mineralogy & XRF/XRD

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Large Drift Detector (LDD) and Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) (1 reply)

Maya Rothman
6 years ago
Maya Rothman 6 years ago

Can anyone suggest good ref to explain the difference between Large Drift Detector (LDD) and Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)? In regard to handheld field XRF unit.

6 years ago
(unknown) 6 years ago

The main difference between the two options for detectors (SDD vs. LSDD) is that the LSDD has a larger area resulting in, ideally, more counts and shorter test times for the larger detector. Between detector manufacturers, whether comparing SDD's or LSDD's, detection can vary due to differences in the way the SDD's or LSDD's are manufactured. These variations can change things that are key to detection such as peak to background ratio and count rates. Just do not assume that one SDD is like another or that one LSDD is like another.

But it is not just about large versus small. On the handheld manufacturer's side, effective cooling, hardware geometry and other factors are not to be discounted as this is key to the overall detection process among other things (lets not forget the factory calibration). Finally, not all manufacturers are able to pair effectively detector and tube type (chemistry) which again results in differences in detection. I am sure someone will have more to add to this basic answer which only grazes the surface of the differences. For the consumer, I think these are the most tangible points.

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