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Mini XRF (6 replies)

1 year ago
David 1 year ago

Is there such a thing as a mini XRF, I mean an XRF with dimension around 10cm x 10cm x 10cm?

Tony Verdeschi
1 year ago
Tony Verdeschi 1 year ago

There is certainly "small" portable XRF instruments available, but not quite that small. What is your application that requires these dimensions?

David Kano
1 year ago
David Kano 1 year ago

Such a size is not a standard market product - it would probably offer poor performance due to optics limitations. Maybe it exists in the military or aerospace field, but a mini XRF will probably come with a hefty price tag.

John Koenig
1 year ago
John Koenig 1 year ago

As others have mentioned, this is not a standard size and there are no widely commercialized products with this dimension- the physics packages all tend to be larger in at least one dimension than you specify. Recent advances in X-ray tube size would likely make this dimension possible with some creative engineering- and an appropriately scaled cost.

Helena Russell
1 year ago
Helena Russell 1 year ago

See and Amptek sells parts to build your own XRF. This might offer the flexibility you need.

David Kano
1 year ago
David Kano 1 year ago

Great stuff, and not so big, but there are some optical constraints when designing an instrument from components.

Bill Fraser
1 year ago
Bill Fraser 1 year ago

INEL makes a mini XRD close to these dimensions.

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