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Travelling with pXRF Portable XRF (3 replies)

Helena Russell
1 year ago
Helena Russell 1 year ago

I am thinking of travelling to central/west Africa with a pXRF device for a short project assessment inspection trip. Have used them for several years, purchased two, and travelled to PNG with one with no problems. Has anyone had trouble entering/exiting and countries while carrying a pXRF device. My 2014 Olympus Delta Premium is in its black pelican case as baggage. Has anyone had "issues" with local authorities travelling within any country travelling with something that looks like a gun?

Bob Mathias
1 year ago
Bob Mathias 1 year ago

Your best option is to contact Innov-X Africa as they know all the in's & out's of each particular African country and should be able to steer you in the right direction. All his contact details can be found at the link below or if you would like me to introduce you, just send me an email.

A Carnet is a good option for helping on the chain of custody & duties side - particularly for getting back into Australia. I have used them several times, as I have personally had a couple of occasions where I have had problems bringing instruments back in to Australia, namely customs chasing import duties.They are a bit of a pain to setup, takes about a week to process and requires a security deposit/bond and can only be used for one trip at a time. But they do mitigate a lot of red-tape, especially in more "difficult" countries. Here is a link for more info

Alan Carter
1 year ago
Alan Carter 1 year ago

No horror stories here but a bit of fun - though not recommended practice. Shooting the walls of an Indian airport customs area to demonstrate the ability of a pXRF to recognize paint composition. Once proved the purpose of the instrument, providing a copy of the purchase invoice was sufficient. Flying back from Saudi Arabia without the case, as a cabin item, in order to save weight. No customs trouble here but the security officer considered that the very aggressive design of the instrument was not acceptable on board. Tried unsuccessfully explaining him that it was not a good idea to store the pXRF with checked luggage. Applied successfully for the discretionary procedure that the captain has the last word. Went to the cockpit to demonstrate the instrument to curious pilots, who kept it for the flight. As a reward, was invited to sit in the cockpit for take-off and half an hour of night flight. Great time ! 

Helena Russell
1 year ago
Helena Russell 1 year ago

Thanks guys for the useful and interesting responses. This will help my travelling with this Portable XRF.

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