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Use of binder in pressed pellets or not? (2 replies and 1 comment)

11 months ago
xvayia 11 months ago


I am early researcher in XRF analysis and am wondering if it is finally so necessary the binder in pressed pellets or not. Someone advised me not  to use it, due to  the effect in matrix. Is is possible? Most of my analyzed samples are geological. 

Also, regarding the quantity of the powder...for 32mm diameter aluminum cups, how much quantity of powder i have to use?

Thank you

11 months ago
David 11 months ago
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Hi, I have used a Delta Handheld XRF, a Japanese Rigaku and an Oxford desktop all without binder.

For more about binder see

Lots of voodoo around XRF binder and pressing. Some samples need it, or the disks crack and sample falls into the machine. Sample falling into the XRF machine is really bad...

Here is my no XRF binder, no pressing video:


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11 months ago

Thank you very much for you response!

11 months ago
raghdmuhi 11 months ago

Dear Xvayia

I have to say that the pellet making is process contain main parameters, all of them affect the results of th test. particle size of the sample, the type of binder that homoginizes with grinding. in this moment I have to foucus on that there is standard types on binders under many trade names but they are the same, and no one say that the binder will affect the results of XRF test.

the other parameters are the quantity of the binder, the recommanded pressure, the last parameter is thickness, this parameter will determined the results. X-rays produced in the sample must be able to escape the sample without being reabsorbed in order to make it to the detector to be measured.

best regards

raghd muhi al-deen jassim

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