10 Best Bench Vises

10 Best Bench Vises

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Best Bench Vises

Some of your workshop projects may be more challenging than others but there’s one tool that can make many of your tasks easier: a bench vise. Whether you already have one and are looking for a better model, or you haven’t used one to date, we’re here to simplify that search.

Bench vises are excellent devices if your job or hobby involves working with metal, wood, or motor vehicles. Quite simply, it’s a metal clamp that is fixed to your workbench and holds objects securely in place.

There are three main types of bench vise. Benchtop devices mount to the top of your bench and are particularly useful for working with metal. Front vises attach to the front of your workbench and are good for woodworking tasks. End vises, as the name suggests, mount to the end of your bench and are also helpful for woodworking.

When picking out our top bench vises, we considered the technology used, including:

  • Construction 
  • Throat depth
  • Jaw width
  • Anvil dimensions

To ensure we found the best bench vises for you, we sourced legitimate consumer reviews from people who have purchased these tools. We eliminated all fake reports to guarantee complete authenticity.

1. HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise

HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise - 360 Swivel Base with Lock, Big Size Anvil Top (4'')

The HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise is an excellent model that can even be used in commercial mineral processing. The cast steel construction of this bench vise makes it suitable for the toughest of work environments. It can even be efficiently used in your home garage or workshop. Notably, the HFS Bench Vise weighs only 10 pounds, but the strength of its construction makes it suitable for the toughest of jobs. What’s best, this bench vise is constructed of a precision casted body with a coated finish which means this tool will stand the test of time.

Of note, the HFS Bench Vise hardened forged steel jaws have incredible clamping power. The steel jaws are power serrated giving them excellent grip and strength. Measuring in at 14 by seven by seven inches, this bench vise is small but mighty. Conveniently, it takes up very little space on your workbench which means it can easily become a fixture that doesn’t impede your workspace.

Another amazing feature of this bench vise is that it’s outfitted with a double-locking 360° swivel base. What this means is that once the bench vise is mounted you have the ability to move it in any direction that suits your needs. This desirable feature makes the HFS Bench Vise suitable for the toughest metallurgy jobs as well as any other job you may need it for. Significantly, this bench vise employs a vertical hand lever that is simple to operate.

Finally, this bench vise has a large anvil giving you ample space for your workpiece. If you’re in the market for a powerhouse of a bench vise, the HFS Bench Vise fits the bill. Simply install the vise to your workbench, clamp your workpiece, and you’ll be in business in no time flat.

Technology Used:

  • Alloy steel
  • 360° swivel base
  • Serrated steel jaws
  • Double-locking base

What we love:

  • The bench vise’s replaceable jaws are easy and convenient to restore after wearing out from prolonged usage
  • This bench vise has a polished, chrome-plated lever that makes it stand out from its blue body
  • The HFS Bench Vise has a handy quick-release adjustment design for one-handed operation

We don’t like this as much:

  • Although mounting holes are pre-drilled, the hardware required for mounting to your workbench is not included
HFS Heavy Duty Bench Vise - 360 Swivel Base with Lock, Big Size Anvil Top (4'')
  • [MATERIAL]: Durable cast steel construction
  • [JAW]: Replaceable, hardened, forged steel jaws
  • [LOCAKING BASE]: Double locking 360°swivel base perfect for turning any direction you want after mounting
  • [FEATURES]: Power serrated steel jaws and clamps with incredible clamping power for great grip and strength
  • [APPLICATION]: Device on the bench to clamp the workpiece tools for workshop

2. Forward CR60A 6.5-Inch Bench Vise

Forward CR60A 6.5-Inch Bench Vise Swivel Base Heavy Duty with Anvil (6 1/2')

The Forward Bench Vise is a mammoth of a tool. Perfect for heavy-duty metallurgy jobs, it is constructed of incredibly strong ductile iron. Weighing in at a little over 36 pounds, the bench vise’s weight adds to its sturdiness. You can be sure that once this bench vise is mounted to your workbench, it will remain immobile which allows you to work without impediment.

Moreover, the jaws on this bench vise can be depended on to secure your workpiece without movement. The jaw width on the Forward Bench Vise measures just over six inches, while the opening measures six inches and the throat depth measures approximately four inches. These measurements make the bench vise suitable for a variety of materials. It’s especially efficient at securing ores from which to extract valuable metals and minerals.

Suitable for both industrial and at-home usage, the versatility of the Froward Bench Vise can’t be overstated. This mounted device is multifunctional in that it can be used to perform any of the following functions well: grinding, cutting, tapping, chiseling, screwing, planing, and more. The 270° rotating base provides metallurgists with flexibility and versatility. Moreover, the Forward Bench Vise has an approximately three by three-inch anvil which provides an adequate workspace for a diversity of ores.

The Forward Bench Vise is a respectable model for both commercial and home usage. Whether using it for tough metallurgy projects or simple at-home projects, this bench vise can do the job well. Conveniently, the adaptability of this vise also makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The mechanics of this bench vise are closed off to the elements so they are impervious to water, rust, and dirt. Coupled with all of the other admirable features this bench vise comes equipped with, you can’t go wrong with the Forward model.

Technology Used:

  • Swivel base
  • 6.5-inch anvil
  • Corrosion-resistant handle
  • 3.8-inch throat depth

What we love:

  • The strength and balance of this bench vise’s jaws allow it to easily and effectively clamp round materials
  • The vise is constructed of 60,000 PSI ductile iron which is twice as strong as competitors’ models; high-quality nuts and screws further increase the clamping force
  • The cranking handle is sturdy and thick; best of all six-inch nylon grips can be purchased separately to further ensure a firm grasp on the handle

We don’t like this as much:

  • The Forward Bench Vise must be cleaned and greased regularly to ensure effective operation
Forward CR60A 6.5-Inch Bench Vise Swivel Base Heavy Duty with Anvil (6 1/2")
  • Jaw width:165.1mm(6.5"), Opening: 150mm(6"), Throat Depth: 97mm(3.8")
  • More Durable and Sturdy: Material updated, all made from high strength ductile iron, PSI 60,000, bench vise can withstand a tough environment
  • Multifunctional: Mounting vise on the workbench, then you could do the work of grinding, cutting, and etc. Tapping work can also be done on the anvil of bench vise. Pipe jaw can clamp round workpiece
  • More flexible: with 270 degree rotating base, large anvil and corrosion resistant handle
  • Perfect Dual-Purpose Vises: This 6.5" vise is suitable for both industrial and DIY home use

3. Wilton CS3 3″ Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise

Wilton CS3 3' Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise (11693)

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty bench vise, the Wilton Cross-Slide Vise is the answer to your shopping inquiries. This epic cross-slide drill press is designed to be used in conjunction with a drill press machine. Notably, the vise will hold all manner of workpieces in place, whether they be round or flat, while your drill press repeatedly drills or taps the workpiece by sliding two axes. The v-groove jaws allow you to mount workpieces vertically or horizontally.

Moreover, the cast-iron knobs dial in one-tenth millimeter increments to accurately move your workpiece horizontally and longitudinally for precise positioning. With the ability to so precisely position your workpiece, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with the Wilton Cross-Slide Vise. The benefit of precise positioning can’t be overemphasized, especially when the vise is used to hold valuable ores.

Additionally, the ultra-strong jaws of this bench vise are affixed using black oxide powder-coated screws which provide consistent clamping pressure. Concerning the jaw’s specifications, the jaw width is three inches, the maximum opening capacity is also three inches, and the jaw depth is a respectable one and one-eighth inches. These remarkable jaw specifications make them suitable for most metallurgic jobs.

Lastly, to utilize this vise effectively with your drill press machine, you must be able to securely mount the vise to the tool’s table. With the Wilton vise’s durable base, held in place by five-bolt lugs, this vise can be easily mounted on a machine table. Whether you’re in the market for an industrial or home-garage vise, the Wilton Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise is a fantastic option.

Technology Used:

  • .1 mm dial-in increments
  • Bolt lug mountings
  • V-groove jaws
  • Cast-iron side knobs

What we love:

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty, Wilton stands behind their product and so you too can count on its dependability
  • All parts of the Wilton Cross-Slide vise are smoothly finished which ensures the safety of your workpiece
  • This cross-slide vise provides rugged, industrial quality despite being designed for at-home usage

We don’t like this as much:

  • It’s recommended that you disassemble and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny before first using this vise
Wilton CS3 3" Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise (11693)
  • ACCURACY: Move your workpiece horizontally and longitudinally for precise positioning.
  • PRECISION: Cast side knobs accurately dial in .1mm increments.
  • STABILITY: Durable base has five bolt lugs for easy mounting to a machine table.
  • DURABILITY: Heavy-duty construction with fine-grain cast iron castings.
  • VERSATILITY: Hardened V-Groove jaws hold round-shaped objects both vertically and horizontally.

4. Olympia Tools Bench Vise

Olympia Tools Bench Vise 38-606, 6 Inches

Olympia Tools makes a reputable bench vise suitable for all manner of metallurgic workpieces.

One of this bench vise’s best features is the heavily reinforced four-lug base that ensures zero unwanted movements. With a polished anvil and even an anvil horn for shaping, the sky’s the limit with how you can use this well-rounded bench vise. Speaking of the anvil, it measures two and three-quarter inches by two and three-quarter inches. The vise’s swivel lock lever is another admirable feature that further wards off unwanted movement.

To add to the aforementioned features, the Olympia Tools Bench Vise is outfitted with permanent pipe jaws and replaceable steel jaw faces for your convenience. Coupled with a heavy-duty machine spindle and hand, there’s nothing this bench vise can’t do. Its cast-iron construction with a 270° swivel base further enhances its suitability for metallurgic jobs. The bench vise’s powder-coated finish holds up to the toughest of jobs, ensuring its strength and longevity. This kind of durability is essential to smelting ores.

Ideal for home, workshop, and industrial use, the Olympia Tools Bench Vise is outfitted with excellent jaw specifications. Specifically, this vise has a 6-inch wide jaw and jaw opening with a three and one-eighth-inch throat depth. This bench vise’s overall footprint measures approximately 16 by seven by seven inches which means it won’t take up much space on your workbench.

Weighing only 28 pounds with a jaw-pad size of about six by one-quarter by three-quarter inches, the Olympia Tools Bench Vise is adequate for home workshops as well as commercial use. Finally, this bench vise has 20,000 PSI casting with black oxide spindles and handles which make this tool supremely strong and able to outlast its competitors. No matter your metallurgic needs, this bench vise has the ability to effectively meet them.

Technology Used:

  • 4-lug base
  • 270° swivel base
  • Permanent pipe jaws
  • 20,000 PSI

What we love:

  • This bench vise is equipped with a spindle guard that protects your workpieces from dirt and chips
  • The Olympia Tools Bench Vise has jaws with serrated teeth which get a better grip on ore and metal
  • This model is handily outfitted with a good-sized striking plate which will ensure the integrity of your workpiece

We don’t like this as much:

  • The tension spring for the threaded rod is wound very tightly which means one-handed operation is a little more difficult
Olympia Tools Bench Vise 38-606, 6 Inches
  • BENCH VISE: This vise features a heavy reinforced 4-lug base, polished anvil & anvil horn for shaping, swivel lock leaver, permanent pipe jaws, replaceable hardened steel jaw faces & a heavy-duty machined spindle & hand.
  • CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION: With its 270-degree swivel base & powder coated finish our product is perfect for your heavy hardware woodwork. Attach it to your workbench in the garage & work with ease.Jaw Capacity:4.5
  • MADE TO LAST: Our durable and long-lasting tools help you with home, garage & industrial projects. With professional-grade quality, easily repair & fix issues with our tool cabinet essentials.
  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: We engineer a range of bolt cutters, clamps, chisels, folding carts, hammers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures, utility knives, vises, bolt cutters, saws & wrenches.
  • SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS: Olympia Tools provides quality & innovative hand & specialty tools, tool accessories & outdoor equipment for construction, woodworking, mechanical maintenance & home repair.

5. Grizzly Industrial G7062 – 5″ Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

Grizzly Industrial G7062-5' Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

This multipurpose bench vise is suitable for a whole host of jobs, including tough metallurgic ones. The 360° rotating jaw allows you to work with workpieces of a variety of shapes and sizes. What’s more, this bench vise can hold both flat stock as well as round stock workpieces.

Furthermore, the Grizzly Industrial Bench Vise has built-in pipe jaws which employ a user-friendly screw mechanism to clamp into place. Meanwhile, the base swivels for improved versatility. In other words, with this top-notch bench vise, you can efficiently work on metal smelting as well as woodworking, chiseling, sanding, finishing, chipping, sawing, welding, and more. What’s best, this bench vise is even outfitted with a handy anvil for striking. With a built-in anvil, you can protect the integrity of your workpieces from dirt and debris.

Another useful feature of this bench vise’s jaws is that they’re serrated. As any experienced metallurgist knows, serrated jaws are superior to smooth jaws for holding metal in place. Additionally, the five-inch jaw opening makes this bench vise befitting of most any metallurgic workpiece.

The Grizzly Industrial Bench Vise is constructed of a bright red cast iron body which will likely distinguish itself nicely from your workbench. It weighs in at 42 pounds and measures approximately nine by 18 by nine inches, a respectable size for an industrial bench vise. Its mounting holes are conveniently pre-drilled, however mounting hardware is sold separately. 

Technology Used:

  • Rotating jaw
  • Built-in pipe jaws
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Adjustable, pivoting jaws

What we love:

  • This bench vise’s pre-greased parts can be easily wiped clean using a water-based degreaser
  • The bench vise’s jaws can be locked in place by tightening a couple of screws on its backside; this disallows it from rotating
  • Comes with rubber pads to use when clamping delicate workpieces

We don’t like this as much:

  • Unfortunately, mounting instructions are not included with the Grizzly Industrial Bench Vise, however, it isn’t difficult to figure out
Grizzly Industrial G7062-5" Multi-Purpose Bench Vise
  • This multi-purpose bench vise does it all jaw rotate 360 degrees for unlimited work piece positioning and holds flat stock as well as round stock with
  • Jaw rotate 360 degrees for unlimited work piece positioning and holds flat stock as well as round stock with the built-in pip jaws
  • Base swivels for greater versatility and there-Inch even an anvil face to top it all off

6. YOST VISES LV-4 Home Vise

YOST VISES LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2' (1 Pack)'

This excellent bench vise is primarily suited for your home workshop. With a four and a half-inch swivel base that rotates 240 degrees, it’s suitable for a litany of possible workpieces. Speaking of the base, it features four convenient mounting tabs that secure the vise to your workbench; the sturdy mounting tabs eliminate unwanted side-to-side vise movement. Excellent for smelting, woodworking, assembly, and maintenance, the Yost Vise is a well-rounded product.

The Yost Vise’s large capacity means you can clamp and secure workpieces of all sizes. Notably, the four-and-a-half-inch jaw width, three-inch jaw opening, and two and four-tenths-inch throat depth, allow you to work with a variety of ores for effortless smelting. Furthermore, the built-in pipe jaws can effortlessly hold a wide range of pipe and tube diameters. The Yost Vise’s pipe and machinist jaws feature serrated clamps that can easily grip round stock in a wide range of sizes.

Constructed of blue powder-coated 30,000 PSI cast iron, this workhorse is nearly indestructible. Weighing a little more than 10 pounds and measuring nine and a half by four and a half by five and three-quarter inches, this bench vise is small but mighty. Additionally, the Yost Vise is outfitted with a handy anvil that measures one and three-quarter inches by two inches, perfect for your striking needs. Lastly, the zinc-plated main screw utilizes an acme thread and a locking C-collar; together, these features provide quick engagement and disengagement of the main screw. 

Technology Used:

  • Swivel base
  • Steel vise jaws
  • Threaded spindle
  • Cast-iron construction

What we love:

  • Although the mounting bolts are sold separately, three-eighths-inch bolts are recommended; these are very easy to acquire from any hardware store
  • A silicone-based lubricant can be used to maintain the main screw; doing so prevents dust from building up in the threads
  • The Yost Vise comes prefabricated so it locks and unlocks effortlessly as well as seamlessly adjusts the angle of the vise

We don’t like this as much:

  • This is a small bench vise that is most suitable for a home workshop and light work; it’s not suitable for industrial settings

YOST VISES LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2" (1 Pack)"
  • Home Work Shop Vise, woodworking, assembly, general maintenance.
  • Jaw width: 4-1/2" (11.4CM) x Jaw opening: 3" (7.6CM) x Throat depth: 2.4" (6.1CM)
  • Holds 0. 6" D to 1. 85" D pipes and tubes (1. 5CM x 4. 7CM)
  • 30, 000 PSI cast iron construction, blue power coat finish
  • Anvil: 1. 75” x 2” (4. 4CM x 5. 1CM)

7. TEKTON 4 Inch Swivel Bench Vise

TEKTON 4 Inch Swivel Bench Vise | 54004

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty industrial bench vise or a home workshop workhorse, the TEKTON Bench Vise is a laudable choice. Notably, this bench vise is constructed of 30,000 PSI cast iron which makes it a sturdy and tenacious tool. The 120° swivel base uses dual-lock nuts to perfectly position your workpiece for optimal maneuverability. Measuring approximately five by six inches, the TEKTON bench vise is small but mighty.

Of note, this bench vise easily mounts to your workbench using three pre-drilled mounting holes. Except for mounting it to your workbench, this product is ready to use directly out of the box. Weighing about 15 pounds and measuring approximately 11 by five by six inches, the TEKTON bench vise’s footprint is naturally unobtrusive.

Surely, the most important feature of a good bench vise is its jaws. This bench vise has serrated steel jaws that hold your workpieces, specifically metallurgic ores and/or metals, perfectly in place. These jaws hold with a fierce, non-slip grip. Speaking of the vise’s jaws, they have a three-inch opening and two-and-one-eighth-inch throat depth, perfectly suitable for a range of workpiece sizes.

What’s more, this bench vise is outfitted with a polished steel anvil. The anvil makes for a smooth and consistent work surface that’s great for shaping metal pieces. This anvil also serves as an excellent striking plate should you need it for that purpose.

The TEKTON bench vise is a superb option for many workshop jobs. Whether you’ll be threading, fastening, building, bending, shaping, or sharpening workpieces, you can depend on this bench vise to consistently secure your metal piece. Whether your new bench vise will be solely used for metallurgy or you’ll embark on other projects, this TEKTON Bench Vise can be counted on to do the job.

Technology Used:

  • 120° swivel base
  • 30,000 PSI Cast-iron
  • Serrated steel jaws
  • Polished steel anvil

What we love:

  • The TEKTON bench vise has an acme-threaded screw that glides smoothly without binding
  • The serrated non-slip jaws are replaceable for a lifetime of consistent and sure clamping
  • The base is exceedingly sturdy with no perceivable slop; you don’t have to worry about the vise wiggling as you work

We don’t like this as much:

  • We’d like to see the addition of pipe jaws to this vise, which would provide extra versatility
TEKTON 4 Inch Swivel Bench Vise | 54004
  • Includes 1-pc. 120-degree swivel bench vise: 4 in.; Product manual; Mounting template
  • Cast iron construction (30,000 PSI tensile strength) with replaceable serrated steel jaws holds work with a sure, nonslip grip
  • 120-degree swivel base with dual lock-down nuts positions workpiece where you need it
  • Three mounting holes anchor vise securely to workbench
  • Polished steel anvil offers a smooth, consistent work surface for shaping metal pieces

8. Forward 5-Inch Bench Vise

Forward 5-Inch Bench Vise Ductile Iron with Channel Steel and 360-Degree Swivel Base HY-30505-5In (5')

Here’s a bench vise that’s worth a second look. The Forward 5-Inch bench Vise is a perfect model for home workshop and industrial use alike. This bench vise is exceptionally strong with a high-strength ductile 60,0000 PSI iron body. Equipped with the highest quality u-channel bar, this bench vise can’t be outdone. The flexibility of the 360° swivel base allows you supreme maneuverability of your workpiece. What’s more, the base’s dual locking nuts provide unlimited clamping stability which improves workbench safety.

The jaws on this bench vise were made to secure a variety of workpieces. The jaw’s specifications are as follows: five-inch jaw width, five-inch jaw opening, two-and-three-quarter-inch throat depth, and a pipe capacity of up to two inches in diameter. With these specifications, it’s clear that this bench vise was built with versatility in mind. The replaceable top machinist jaws and built-in pipe jaws are groove-toothed and specifically designed for a superior grip and extortionate clamping force.

Additionally, this bench vise is equipped with a useful anvil that measures approximately three by two-and-a-half inches. This convenient feature allows you to perform unimpeded and well-supported tapping work. The desirable space of the anvil provides ample workspace for a wide range of ore and metal sizes.

Finally, the Forward 5-Inch Bench Vise has a protective orange coating as well as chrome-plating which prevents water, dirt & rust from sullying the tool. If you’re in the market for an exceptional bench vise that provides workspace versatility as well as accommodates a variety of unique workpieces, this bench vise is built for the job. With rugged, strong impact resistance and a wide throat opening, this bench vise can be used in your home workshop, industrial settings, and even outdoor workspaces.

Technology Used:

  • 60,000 PSI ductile-iron
  • 360° swivel base
  • Built-in pipe jaws
  • Carbon steel jaw plates

What we love:

  • Rubber washers can be used on the u-bar to prevent the handle from slipping and eliminate unwanted noise
  • The clamping force on the Forward 5-Inch Bench Vise’s jaws ring in at a whopping 5,500 pounds
  • This bench vise’s jaws are perfectly aligned, coming together in a perfect fit no matter the workpiece size or shape

We don’t like this as much:

  • Although the jaw clamps tightly, with only four threads per inch, you may need to retighten the clamp frequently
Forward 5-Inch Bench Vise Ductile Iron with Channel Steel and 360-Degree Swivel Base HY-30505-5In (5")
  • Jaw width: 5"; Jaw Opening: 5"; Throat Depth: 2 3/4"; Pipe Capacity: diameter 3/4" - 2"
  • Durable and Sturdy: high strength ductile Iron body (60,000 PSI) with best quality U-channel bar; Rubber washers can prevent the handle from sliding and cancel noise
  • Replaceable top machinist jaws and built-in pipe jaws are grooved tooth designed for enhanced grip and higher clamping force(5,500lbs)
  • More flexible: 360-degree swivel base with dual locking nuts provides unlimited clamping space and more safety; Tapping work can also be done on the large anvil of the bench vise
  • Industrial Grade Vise: This 4" heavy-duty professional vise is suitable for use in the workshop, great for clamping and fixing workpieces

9. Capri Tools 10516 Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise

Capri Tools 10516 Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise, 6'

This heavy-duty bench vise is built to last; in fact, Capri Tools guarantees it will last for life. That’s a bold statement! What makes the Capri Tools Bench Vise so durable is the 90,000 PSI tensile-strength forged steel construction. As any metallurgist who’s used a bench vise before knows, the vise’s handle is its most important feature. As such, Capri Tools paid special attention to the construction of this vise’s handle. Using forged steel, this corrosion-resistant black oxide handle will never fail you, even during the toughest of jobs. Consequently, this bench vise is suitable for industrial-strength jobs.

Moreover, this model’s 360° base allows you to precisely position your workpiece in the exact position you need to do your best work. What’s best, you can tighten the base into any position and in any direction that suits your needs. The convenience and efficiency of the 360° swivel base can’t be overstated especially when working with workpieces like ores which will most likely have irregular shapes

Furthermore, the jaws on the Capri Tools Bench Vise are world-class. With super-strong clamping force, the jaws on this beast can securely hold a variety of workpieces. Concerning their specifications, the jaws on this bench vise are six inches wide, with an eight-inch jaw opening, and a three-and-a-half-inch throat depth. What’s more, this bench vise is also equipped with handy pipe jaws for all your cylindrical workpieces. With the strength of these jaws, you can do almost anything with this bench vise.

Ultimately, there’s not much you can’t do with the Capri Tools Bench Vise. Included in its design is a convenient forged steel anvil that’s perfect for metallurgy work like smelting, shaping, and bending metal.

Technology Used:

  • Drop forged steel body
  • 360° swivel base
  • Smooth steel anvil
  • Machinist and pipe jaws

What we love:

  • The powerful jaws on this bench vise exert up to 8,800 pounds of clamping force
  • The Capri Tools Bench Vise comes with conveniently replaceable machinist and pipe jaws
  • This bench vise is outfitted with adjustable guide rails that help to increase precision and smoothness on all jobs

We don’t like this as much:

  • We wish the handle was a little larger for ease of use and to better accommodate those with larger hands
Capri Tools 10516 Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise, 6"
  • Contains 6 inches wide jaws, 8 inches jaw opening, and 3.5 inches throat depth
  • Made of 90,000 PSI tensile strength drop forged steel
  • Exerts 8,800 LBS of clamping force and comes with replaceable machinist and pipe jaws
  • Comes with 360 degree swivel base, large anvil, and corrosion resistant black oxide handle
  • Includes a lifetime warranty

10. BestEquip 6″ Heavy Duty Bench Vise

BestEquip 6' Heavy Duty Bench Vise , Double Swivel Rotating Vise Head/Body Rotates 360° ,Pipe Vise Bench Vices 30Kn Clamping Force,for Clamping Fixing Equipment Home or Industrial Use

Another versatile tool, the BestQuip Bench Vise is ready for all your metallurgic needs and beyond. Constructed of 60,000 PSI ductile iron, known for improving durability and longevity, this bench vise is designed for tough industrial settings. Despite being tough enough for industrial settings, this multifunctional bench vise is a superb at-home tool as well. Whether using it to smelt, grind, polish, fix, etc, this bench vise won’t do you wrong.

The BestEquip Bench Vise has extraordinary clamping power; the jaws have a six-inch opening and a three-inch throat depth which are excellent specifications. What’s best, the jaws are grooved for enhanced gripping power; the grooves allow you to clamp even the most slippery, irregular workpieces. With a nearly 7,000-pound clamping force, this bench vise is unstoppable.

Additionally, the 360° swivel base and vise head give you optimal maneuverability with your workpieces. The importance of flexibility in workpiece placement, especially concerning metallurgic jobs, can’t be overstated. Furthermore, this tool’s lead screw and guide rail allow you to achieve epic precision and high hardness, features that will make any job easier to complete. As a result of the high-quality lead screw, the vise can tighten and clamp quickly and without impediment.

Lastly, this bench vise measures approximately 14 by six by seven inches and weighs roughly 43 pounds. The large footprint and heavyweight of this bench vise provide ultimate stability to your workbench. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the BestEquip Bench Vise is designed to prevent water, dust, and rust damage. With pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware included, you’ll be ready to use your bench vise in no time. No matter the kind of work you plan to use this bench vise for, its suitability for both industrial and home settings means it’s versatile enough for any job. You can purchase this bench vise with confidence knowing it’s backed by an astounding lifetime warranty.

Technology Used:

  • Ductile cast-iron
  • 360° swivel base
  • Precision guide rail
  • Grooved jaws

What we love:

  • The powerful clamping jaws are designed to adjust well to the workpieces, providing clamping pressure while reducing instances of marring
  • The swivel base is equipped with fixing holes and pins which provide it with optimal stability
  • The superior mechanics of this bench vise give it the ability to rotate the vise head to hold round stock

We don’t like this as much:

  • The casting seams of the bench vise’s body are not only visible but not smoothed out which leaves some sharp edges
BestEquip 6" Heavy Duty Bench Vise , Double Swivel Rotating Vise Head/Body Rotates 360° ,Pipe Vise Bench Vices 30Kn Clamping Force,for Clamping Fixing Equipment Home or Industrial Use
  • 【HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION】- Made of ductile iron which increases the durability and longevity, this table vise is designed to be used in a tough environment. Jaws Width: 6'', Jaws Opening: 6'', Throat Depth: 3''.
  • 【SUFFICIENT CLAMPING CAPACITY】- The built-in jaws are grooved for enhanced grip and allow for easy clamping of pipe and other rounded material. It is designed to withstand the clamping force(30Kn).
  • 【360 DEGREES ROTATION】- The head of the vise can be rotated by 360 degrees for extra versatility, and the swivel base of the vise allows for optimal work placement and flexibility.
  • 【PRECISION & HARDNESS】- Polishing lead screw and guide rail are upgraded to achieve high precision and high hardness. The workbench vise can clamp and tighten quickly and smoothly after precise grinding.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL】- Widely used in the industry or household. Mounting vise on the workbench, then you could do the work of grinding, clamping, and fixing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Compressors for Home Garage

What things should I consider whilst using a bench vise?

There are many considerations to make when using a bench vise. Certainly, with practice and regular usage, you’ll be a whiz at using a bench vise, but if you’ve not got much experience there are a few rules of thumb to consider. First of all, you should never widen the jaws of a vise beyond its intended limit. Likewise, you shouldn’t tighten the vise jaws more than necessary. Doing either of these things could easily compromise the integrity of your bench vise. Furthermore, if your bench vise requires servicing, don’t braze or weld it because doing so will compromise your tool’s warranty.

Additionally, there are some safety considerations to make when using your bench vise. To begin, you should never use a handle expansion for extra clamping weight, nor should you use a vise with even the smallest split. Moreover, if a stress fracture presents, you must replace the part or the vise immediately. Finally, with safety as an utmost consideration, one of the best things you can do is invest in a sturdy and safe cast iron bench vise that offers superior grip as well as your desired results.

What should I look for in a bench vice?

While selecting a bench vise, there are several wise considerations to make. First and foremost, the type of work you plan to use the bench vise for will predominantly dictate the type of tool you’ll purchase. For at-home projects, a four to five-inch bench vise will generally be suitable. For tough industrial jobs, you’ll likely require a larger visa. Besides construction material, weight, and size, you should check its throat depth and jaw width as these dimensions will determine the size of the workpiece it can adequately clamp. Notably, larger throat depths mean you can hold larger workpieces. Additionally, concerning the vise’s jaws, you should consider the clamp grips; serrated jaws are better suited for round and irregular workpieces than smooth jaws.

Lastly, if you plan to use the anvil for heavy-duty striking, a heavier bench vise will withstand strong pounding better than a lighter bench vise. The way a bench vise is mounted is worth considering too. Some bench vises mount using suction cups, a less sturdy mounting mechanism, which is fine for some jobs. However, if you require an uber-sturdy, heavy-duty bench vise, be sure to select one that mounts using bolts.

How do you maintain a bench vice?

There are a few simple ways to maintain the integrity of your bench vise. One of the best ways to protect your bench vise is by keeping it dry. Things happen and it’s not outlandish for your vise to get wet. Whether it be from working with a wet workpiece or accidentally spilling your water bottle. Another consideration is the fact that you may be storing your vise in a damp setting like a basement or shed. No matter the reason, it’s very important to keep your bench vise dry to avoid pesky rust which will eventually destroy your tool.

Just like it’s important to keep your bench vise dry, it’s important to clean it after each use. The build-up of shavings, dust, parts, etc. can clog the working parts of your bench vise, eventually rendering it unusable. As such, you should be cleaning your bench vise after each use. Finally, it’s important to keep your vise lubricated. To keep your vise in tip-top shape, you should oil and lubricate the joints regularly. Typically, manufacturers have a set of recommended lubricants that match the equipment, so be sure to read your user’s manual for that important information.

Which Bench Vise is Best For You?

The best bench vise for you depends on how you plan to use it. Consider whether you will utilize your bench vise for industrial or small at-home jobs. Additionally, the most common workpieces you’ll use are an important consideration. If you’ll solely use the bench vise for metallurgic jobs, be sure to select a tool with serrated jaws that will securely clamp round and irregular stock. Be sure to closely examine jaw width and throat depth to ensure your new bench vise can accommodate the size workpiece you’ll most commonly use.

Furthermore, the maneuverability of the base is important too. If you know you’ll need a bench vise that adjusts to 360° positions, be sure to purchase one that can make these adjustments. Finally, be sure to select a heavy-duty, mounted bench vise that can withstand powerful anvil strikes if that’s how you’ll use your vise. Finally, and maybe most importantly, be sure to take into account the footprint and weight of the bench vise you’ll purchase. Heavier, bigger bench vises can withstand tougher industrial jobs while lighter, smaller ones are more suitable for small at-home jobs.

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