Feeders and Conveyors

Troughing Idlers

Troughing Idlers

To start with the idlers, let’s look at the ones that carry the load first. They are called troughing idlers.   This type of idler comes in various depths of trough. The depth used will depend upon the material being carried and the speed that the conveyor is traveling at. The deeper conveyors will carry … Read more

Keep Frozen Feeder Running in Winter

In cold climates, winter is an enemy of all three kinds, this is due to the ore freezing and becoming a solid mass of LUMPS. When this happens simply getting the ore out of the bin may become the hardest part of the operators day. These lumps will not go through the feeders. PRY BARS, … Read more

Slot Feeder

slot feeder

The slot feeder on the other hand is slightly different, all three types of feeders draw the ore from a fine ore storage area, usually a bin. To be able to draw the ore evenly from this area is important, for the chute/gate and pipe types this means that there has to be quite a … Read more

Fine Ore Feeders

Gate Feeder

This section is about the feeders that control the fine ore. This is the ore that has already been through the crushing stage of concentration. Of these feeders there are three basic types, chute/gate, pipe, and slot feeders. The circuits that carry out the remainder of the steps required to concentrate the fine ore must … Read more

Feeder Operations & Troubleshooting

Worn Feeder Liner

More than the normal hot bearings and gear reducers, worn chains, oil levels, and the other common problems that are familiar with moving machinery, is the problems with the high abrasion caused by the ore movement. This is where the bolts on the liners become a problem indicator. There is only two ways that a … Read more

Sliding Gate Feeder

Sliding gate feeder

The sliding gate feeder is used for the smaller ore sizes, in some applications it will even be used in our next group of feeders the ones that handle fine ore. How this works is just as the name implies, the gate is lifted up out of the way of the ore allowing it to … Read more

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeders do not like wet ore much either but it is the next feeder type on my list. How this one works is quite simple. The feeder has two parts to it, a stationary portion and a vibrating pan. The frame or the stationary portion is attached under the ore pass. It guides the … Read more

Pan Feeders

Pan Feeder

The next feeder on the list is the PAN FEEDER, this one may also be called the reciprocating feeder and it works like this. The pan moves back under the ore picking up a load, it then slides forward carrying the ore with it. The pan is pushed forward then retracted. As the pan is … Read more

Ross Chain Feeders

Ross Feeder

A feeder that uses chains to regulate the ore flow in a different manner is the ROSS Chain FEEDER. This feeder uses a series of very large, heavy chain that has been forged into loops. These loops are placed over cogged wheels that are suspended over the ore passage. The free end of the chain … Read more

Coarse Ore Feeders

Apron Feeder

Once the ore has been blasted and hauled from the mine, it is sent through the milling process. At the beginning of each major stage of processing there is a holding area where the ore is stockpiled to ensure that the next phase of the process has enough material for continuous operation. The ore must … Read more