Low Priced Cyclosizer

A cyclosizer, in principle, is an “old sizing machine” allowing size analysis of sub-sieve size (-38 micron). One of the most widely used methods of sub-sieve sizing in modern mineral-processing laboratories is the Warman Cyclosizer which is extensively used for routine testing and plant control in the size range 8 – 38 micron for minerals of specific gravity similar … Read more

Mineral Processing Laboratories

Mineral Processing Laboratory

Finding a good and the right mineral processing laboratory and have your testing filled properly is important. Most metallurgical laboratories now are actually specialized. They will claim to “do-it-all” while what they can actually do truly depends on who their current staff is.  You have hear the cliché on people are our greatest asset?  Well, it … Read more

Analytical Balance Weights

WEIGHTS, Students’ Analytical—Brass weights are tall form, slightly conical, with fractionals of aluminum under glass cover. They are fitted in a well polished hardwood box, mahogany finished with hinged cover, velvet lined. Each set is supplied with a pair of forceps and with one each 5 mg. and 10 mg. aluminum rider. WEIGHTS, Semi-Analytical—Adapted for student use … Read more

Laboratory Sample Pulverizers

Ring Puck Mill

The use of a laboratory pulverizer is a must before sending any soil or test sample for XRF, titration, ICP or other assay method; you need to pulverize or fine grind a dry representative portion of the rock sample using what is commonly called in the laboratory language of sample preparation a laboratory pulverizer. Any … Read more

Prospecting Kits, Plates and Platinum Tools

PLATE, Color, Porcelain—Glazed with exception of bottom surface. Length, 109 mm. ; width, 89 mm, ; thickness 12 mm. ; number of depressions, 12 ; diameter of depressions, 20 mm. ; depth of depressions, 7.5 mm. PLATE, Porous—Dinner plate shape. For drying precipitates and crystals. PLATE, Streak, Porcelain—Unglazed. Used by mineralogists and for arsenic tests. Platinum Ware … Read more

Laboratory Oven Tray

TRAY, Button—For use inside of balance case in weighing silver buttons. Composition, with 24 semi-spherical depressions 3/8 inch diameter, numbered 1 to 24. Tray measures 5×3¼x¼ inches. TRAY—Fire clay, for handling annealing cups in muffles. Reinforced handle. Measures 8×4¾ inches. TRAY, Parting Cup—Made of sheet iron with twelve 1 inch holes. Dimensions, 5¾x8 inches. Will … Read more

Laboratory Calipers

CALIPERS, Micrometer—Measures up to 25 mm. by 1/100 mm. An inexpensive, yet accurate instrument. With ratchet stop.. CALIPERS, Vernier Sliding—Nickel plated steel. For in­side and outside measurements. Slide 10 cm. long, graduated in mm. with vernier to read to 1/10 mm. CASSEROLE, Porcelain, Coors—With lip and flat porcelain handle. Glazed inside and outside with exception of rim. Source   … Read more

Laboratory Graduated Burette

BURETTE, Exax Blue Line—Complete with tubing tip and pinchcock clamp. BURETTE, Schellbach—With dark colored stripe on white background, bringing the meniscus to a sharp point by optical distortion and thus facilitating reading.  Complete with tubing tip and pinchcock clamp. BURETTE, Exax Blue Line—With straight glass stopcock. Calibrated at 20° C. BURETTE, Normax—With straight stopcock. Graduated to meet … Read more

Laboratory Barometer

  BAROMETER, Avon Stormoguide, Taylor—Brown mahogany finished cherry frame 5×5 inches, with a 3¾ inch white enameled metal dial with black figures and forecasts. Good quality American movement with adjustable setting for altitudes to 3,500 feet. BAROMETER, Aneroid, High Altitude, Taylor—Lacquered brass case 5 inch diameter, with closed enamel metal dial. Good grade movement, with revolving altitude adjustment, for … Read more