TRIPOD and Troughs

TRIPOD, Iron—Japanned cast iron ring 1¾ inches inside diameter by 3 inches outside diameter, mounted on steel legs. Height, 8 inches. TRIPOD, Concentric Ring, Iron—Japanned cast iron concentric rings, with 5/16 inch diameter by 9 inches high removable copper plated steel legs. TROUGH, Pneumatic, Improved Form—Shaped for “nesting” and stacking. Made of heavy, galvanized iron, with … Read more

Laboratory Alcohol Burner Lamp

BURNER, Alcohol—Of glass. Adjustable to any position, and more powerful than No. 17810. Complete with wick. WICK only—For above. BURNER, Alcohol—Glass, heavy nickel plated brass burner and cap. Complete with wick. BURNER, Alcohol—Of brass, with cap, wick holder and wick. BURNER, Alcohol—Made of polished brass. Will burn either alcohol or sperm oil. Complete with wick and … Read more

Laboratory Burette Supports and Holders

BURETTE SUPPORT—For one burette. Of wood, with adjustable cork lined clamp. BURETTE SUPPORT—For two burettes. Of wood, with adjustable cork lined clamps. SUPPORT, Burette, Castaloy, Double—One-piece, thick, molded opal-white glass base, with reinforcing ribs underneath, and rubber feet, with nickel plated support rod and Castaloy holder for supporting two burettes firmly and vertically. The opal-white of … Read more

Antique hydrometer and Humidi Guide

  HYDROMETER, Baume Scale—For heavy liquids, without thermometer. Range: 0 to 70° in 1° divisions. Temperature standard, 60° F. Approximately length, 11 inches. HYDROMETER, Baume Scale—For heavy liquids, without thermometer. Range: 0 to 70° in 1° divisions. Temperature standard, 60° F. Approximately length, 16 inches. HYDROMETER, Specific Gravity Scale—For heavy liquids, without thermometer. HUMIDIGUIDE, Hampton, Taylor—A direct … Read more

Laboratory Reagent Bottles

  COLOR OR FLAME SCREEN, Merwin—Transparent celluloid screen in three tints of blue, which will absorb the yellow of sodium flame. Directions for distinguishing the various flame colors are furnished with each screen. BOTTLE, Packing—Green glass, narrow mouth, without stoppers. BOTTLE—Flint glass, narrow mouth, round shoulder, without stoppers. BOTTLE—Flint glass, wide mouth, round shoulder, without stoppers. BOTTLE, … Read more

Laboratory Air Blowers

BEAKER, Copper—With lip. With flared tcp and flat bottom. Spun from heavy copper sheet. BLOWER, Fan, Electrically Driven-—Small fan blower direct connected to high speed motor. The combination is especially designed for operating low pressure crude oil burners as used with Braun Assay Furnaces. The fan is of special construction to produce volume and pressure for atomizing the … Read more

Crusher Efficiency Calculations

The following example demonstrates a method of selecting the components of an aggregate plant. Good component efficiency and part performance pre-evaluation is essential to a solid design. The aggregate production requires the consideration of several crushers, feeders and screens. This is not intended to be a typical situation, though it does involve common crusher and … Read more

9 Best Magnet Fishing Kit in 2022

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Have you ever wondered what treasures might lie at the bottom of your local river, lake, or harbor? As items are dropped and sunken over countless years, these valuables will undoubtedly accumulate, leaving quite the bounty … Read more