Gravity Concentration

Understanding the Gold Centrifuge by Comparing it with a Sluice Box

Centrifugal separation of gold experienced a regain in activity with the advent of the Knudsen Bowl. This device appears extremely efficient in recovering fine gold, although very little published data are available. Installing a gravity plant increased overall gold recovery by about 3-4% in some plants. Gravity concentration was achieved with pinched sluices and 76cm … Read more

Clamshell Dredge

The grab, or “ clamshell ” type of dredge, consists of a self-filling and discharging scoop or bucket, with the necessary engine power for working this from a crane. Well-known makers of this form of dredge are Messrs. Rose, Downs, & Thompson, Limited (see illustration), and Messrs. Priestman Bros. Both firms recommend, for this purpose, … Read more

Solubility Of Gold In Mercury

Although three rather extensive researches on the system gold-mercury have been published within the last ten years, the disagreement in the various results is most remarkable, particularly at lower temperatures. Quite recently rather precise results on the system silver-mercury, using a new type of solubility tube, have been published by Sunier and Hess;* it has … Read more

RP4 Shaker Table

RP-4 Shaker Table Instructions Manual RP-4 GOLD SHAKER TABLE All RP4 shaker tables operate best when firmly secured to a dense solid mounting base. Wooden stands will set up harmonics and vibrations. Dense concrete or solid bedrock is preferred or a heavy braced steel table sitting on concrete. Mount shaker table to solid bed rock … Read more

What Equipment Best Recovers Gold by Size: Fine to Coarse Particles

Many types of efficient placer gold recovery equipment are available today. The choices facing those designing a recovery system for a particular site are not easily made. A major consideration, of course, is cost versus recovery, but other factors must also be considered when designing an effective system. The size distribution of the gold is … Read more