How Abrasion Index affects Wear Rates

What is the relationship between Abrasion Index affects Wear Rates of steel ball mill and rod mill liners as well as the wear life or consumption of grinding balls or rods.  A little bit of data on crusher (gyratory and roll) liner wear life in also shown. Rubber wear data.

Mineral Hardness Kit

mineral hardness kit

A Mineral Hardness Kit is made up of reference rocks and mineral samples and a scratching tool.  Test Kits will often contain with (9) specimens: gypsum, talc, calcite, fluorite, apatite, orthoclase, quartz, topaz and corundum.  Use will use a nail or scratching tool to see if you can scratch any of the minerals in the box you purchased. … Read more

Impact Work Index Procedure

Impact Work Index Procedure

This is or was used by Sandvik to acquire the Impact (AKA Crushing) Work Index for sizing crushers.  Use this in complement to the Bond Crushing Work Index Procedure.   Another Summary Table of various Impact Work Index by Rock or Mineral Type (/metric tonne). Find a referential Rod Mill Work Index Table here.

What Ore Testing is Required For Mill Selection

Beginners might ask what grinding test data is required in order to properly size a grinding mill. After the grind requirements are established, testing for the selec­tion of comminution circuits and mill size can be initiated and can include the following: Primary Autogenous Media Competency Primary Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Pilot Plant Secondary Autogenous (Pebble) Testing … Read more