Maintenance & Mechanical

Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Engine, Diesel, Caterpillar Caterpillar Diesel Engine brings to the users of small power units all of the advantages of the larger diesel engines. The units are available in sizes from 52 horsepower to 190 horsepower and are all of rugged design with compactness and accessibility of parts built into all units. These engines are available … Read more

Belt and Chain Drives

Multiple V-Belt Drives are used for transmitting from fractional to 6000 horsepower constant speed, and to 300 horsepower adjustable speed. The V-belt design utilizes angled sides to transmit power through a V-grooved pulley by wedge contact between the angled sides of the belt and the angled sides of the groove. The multiple V-belt drive has supplanted the flat belt drive … Read more

Flotation Blowers

Rotary Blower for pressure and vacuum service is universally used with gas or oil burners, furnaces forges, ovens, etc. Two inter-engaging impellers, rotating in opposite directions draw air into the pockets between the impellers and the case, and force this air into the discharge pipe. The amount of air displaced by these impellers at each revolution … Read more

Types of Bearings

BEARINGS, Ball and Roller Chief advantage of the ball bearing is its low coefficient of friction which does not increase at the instant of starting in motion. Other advantages are: economy of space; simplicity of lubrication; practical elimination of wear due to the rolling point contact and the extreme hardness of contact surfaces obviating the … Read more

Flotation Cell Impeller Types

Receded Disk Impellers Impellers for the “Sub-A” Flotation Machine are built in two types with corresponding wearing plates: Receded Disk Impellers and Diffuser Wearing Plates Conical Disk Impellers and Wearing Plates. The receded disk impellers and diffuser wearing plates have been proved in commercial installations for many years and are one of the important developments made … Read more

Electric Motor Troubleshooting Chart

Motor Switches Motor starting switches have been developed for a wide variation of load requirements, and special switches are available for operation in damp or dust laden atmospheres with high efficiency. Local electrical codes should be carefully checked before final selection is made. Then the starting switch should be chosen to give the required overload and … Read more