Tools of a Metallurgist

Flotation Time Scale-up Factors – Laboratory to Plant

Flotation Retention Time Scale UP Factors

Using Laboratory bench-top float test results and their retention (flotation) time to scale-up to real life full scale plant time can be done using the following tables and examples.  How to select the proper scale-up factor takes experience and …. good data. Figure 16.7 was used and seen in the a technical report for the Pebble … Read more

THEORETICAL Limiting Grade Recovery Curve

Limiting Grade Recovery Curve

To generate a limiting grade-recovery curve, three points are shown for each mineral.  The left most end point of the curve represents the feed grade of the composite. The middle point of each curve represents the concentrate grade produced when all of the particles bearing target mineral are recovered. The far right end point represents the … Read more

The five largest machines in the mining industry

800px Bucket wheel excavator under repair germany

Some mining machines are true beasts when it comes to their power, size and weight. Check out these five examples, the largest devices currently used in the industry, to see what we are talking about. 1. Bucket Wheel Excavator Bucket-wheel excavators are the largest machines ever used in the mining industry. Actually, one of them, the … Read more

Nine software solutions for precious metals mining from Ventyx


The company Ventyx, a leading supplier of enterprise software and services for asset intensive industries like the mining field, has collectively more than 120 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions. In this article, Mining Examiner shows you a list of solutions provided by the company with the precious metals industry in mind. These types of ore are usually … Read more

CAE offers five different types of software for your mining operation

800px Rospuda Valley Poland

The company CAE started as a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence, later diversifying its work. Today, the firm is proud of its section CAE Mining, which is “at the forefront of the industry in developing and providing innovative technology and services to plan, manage and optimise mining operations“. CAE Mining … Read more

RungePincockMinarco: three software solutions for different mining environments

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After more than 30 years of experience in the field, RungePincockMinarco keeps producing groundbreaking software for the mining industry. The company’s products are globally sought for mine planning, scheduling, equipment simulation and financial analysis solutions. Today, we bring you three different software solutions, each one for a different type of need. 1. Underground Coal – XPAC … Read more

Tuff Metallurgist for Tuff Metallurgy (Tough)

A very interesting write up about management “toughness” Here are the positives and negatives of a tough leadership style, which are well worth considering in your own metallurgist career path. Positives: Toughness provides sharp focus. You quickly know who is an ally and who is an enemy/rival. You can use intimidation as a competitive tactic. … Read more

Simio offers simulation software solutions for open pit and underground mines


With over 30 years of experience in simulation and scheduling, the Pennsylvania-based company Simio LLC (SImulation Modeling framework based on Intelligent Objects) currently offers several great simulation software solutions for mining companies across the world, solutions that can be applied both to open pit and underground mines. According to the company, Simio’s mining solutions can be used to design material … Read more