Flotation Column Cell Carrying Capacity & Scale-Up

Flotation Column Cells can only ‘carry’ or recovery so much froth/concentrate for any given diameter.  Unlike a mechanical cell on which you can just turn-on more air to recover more metal, column cells with not respond that way.  A column cell can only carry so much froth to the concentrate launder. Their concentrate production is ‘Maxed-Out’ by design. Flotation Column Cell have a limited froth Carrying Capacity. 50 mm Columns vs Mechanical Cells. Since the sized behaviour of the 50 mm column is being used as a baseline for the plant columns, it is necessary to explain how it compares with mechanical cells. The 50 mm column was compared with mechanical pilot plant cells at least once, in four different cases during the Hilton pilot plant testwork (prior to the commissioning of the Hilton Concentrator). Each pilot plant circuit was made-up of three closed-circuit cleaning stages using mechanical cells. Also the 50 mm column was compared with the lead and zinc cleaner block feed at the Mount Isa Lead/Zinc Concentrator. Each one is made-up of three closed-circuit stages of cleaning using mechanical cells. In all cases the column and the mechanical cells were run in parallel. The main points from these … Continue reading Flotation Column Cell Carrying Capacity & Scale-Up