Placer Mining Equipment for Sale BC

Deciding to invest in, buying and mobilise small-scale Gold Placer Mining Equipment BC requires professional, experienced evaluation. The essential criteria should be examined at the outset to see if the given parameters of size and tenor fit. Second, no final decision to mobilize the placer mining equipment should be made until the property has been competently evaluated. The selection of proper equipment and seeking professional help in running the operation, must be the next priorities if the investor/mining company is to make a profit in this scale of mining business.

commercial placer gold mining equipment for sale in bc

Placer Gold Mining Equipment for Sale BC

There has been a tendency to use lower cost equipment in small scale placer gold washing/processing plants with little regard -for its ability to recover the majority of gold. This includes using flat shaking screens for classification and riffles for concentration. Few have knowledge of amalgamation and thus will not have a continuous system for recovery.

The history of placer gold recovery systems shows a slow development of technology until the bucket ladder mining dredge was combined with a processing plant as a single system. While mineral jigs were being actively developed for other minerals in the 1880’s, no application was made for placer gold on a dredge until about 1914, in California. Until that time and for some years after, only riffles were used and records have shown that as much as 4071 of the gold was lost to tailings. Adding jigs to the circuit recovered more and by the mid 1930’s our company and a small dredge operator in Idaho, took the lead and replaced riffles with jigs on our dredges. Today, gold jigs have been replaced by high gravity gold centrifugal concentrators like those shown herein.

In BC, the solution to environmental problems with small scale placer gold mining, is to adopt more modern methods using gravity concentrators along with recirculation of processing water. The Placer Gold Mining Equipment described here can offer a step forward in meeting those goals and to improved disposal reclamation methods.

placer mining equipment manufacturer in bc

Placer Gold Mining Equipment for Sale BC

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