6 Best Portable Workbenches

6 Best Portable Workbenches

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It is often said that workmen are only as good as their tools, yet so many of us struggle without one of the simplest pieces of equipment – the humble workbench. Whether you’re out in the field with only a makeshift surface or at home without the space for a workshop set up, working on a project becomes much more difficult without a solid, versatile, and reliable workbench. 

From home improvement projects to commercial construction work, there is no need to overexert yourself or sacrifice craftsmanship thanks to the wide range of portable workbenches on the market today. These units provide practical solutions for a wide variety of tasks, and whether you need a sawhorse, tool station, vice, or simply a sturdy workbench, they offer great versatility wherever you need to work.

To help you in your search for the perfect portable workbench, we’ve picked out our favorite six units. All of our top picks are lightweight and adjustable to suit different terrain and needs of their user both indoor and out, with each bench being able to fold down neatly so you can transport and store them with ease.

When putting our list together, we made sure to include a variety of products across different price points as well as ensuring that every single one of our top picks was reviewed by genuine users, who vouch for the specific workbench’s usability and durability. So whether you’re working on-site or at home, you can rest assured these workbenches will be sure to elevate your craft.


BLACK+DECKER Portable Work Bench and Vise (WM225-A)

The BLACK+DECKER WM225 is an affordable, compact workbench. Not only that, but this portable project center can also serve as a bench tool stand, a vise, and a sawhorse. It has a comfortable 450-pound weight-bearing capacity due to its sturdy steel build, giving you the flexibility to handle numerous types of projects.

You can easily adapt this bench to suit individual jobs. It has dual-height adjustable legs that can also fold under, as well as four adjustable swivel pegs. This makes clamping easier when you have objects with irregular shapes to deal with. Additionally, the adjustable rear jaws allow you to adjust your range for bigger projects.

Once you’re finished, you can simply fold this workbench up and put it aside. It only weighs 28 pounds, making it easy to move around as required.


  • 450-pound capacity
  • Four vise attachments
  • Adjustable rear jaws

What we love:

  • Easy to fold down
  • Top portion is made from reliable bamboo material
  • Can hang on a wall when not in use

We don’t like this as much:

  • Plastic housing on clamping mechanism could be more robust
BLACK+DECKER Portable Work Bench and Vise (WM225-A)
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Ideal for cutting, sawing, painting, and other projects that require a vise, sawhorse, and/or bench mm tool stand.
  • HEAVY-GAUGE STEEL FRAME – Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • DUAL-HEIGHT, ADJUSTABLE LEGS – Fold underneath the workbench to lower its height for larger projects.
  • ADJUSTABLE REAR JAWS AND 4 SWIVEL PEGS – Warp-resistant jaws provide a unique gripping range and the ability to clamp mmmm irregularly shaped objects.
  • PORTABLE, COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN – Lightweight, foldable workbench opens and closes in seconds, so you can store it anywhere or mm hang it up with other tools. Weight: 28 lbs.

2. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Worktable

WORX WX051 Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse

The WORX Pegasus is a multi-functional portable workbench that, at just 30 pounds, you can readily fold and carry with you under your arm. It works as both a worktable and a sawhorse for maximum versatility and has a high weight capacity for each, so you can handle heavy-duty work.

For more convenience, there’s a storage shelf on the bottom where you can keep extra supplies. It features an integrated clamping system, with clamp dogs designed to hold circular objects as well as many irregularly shaped ones. Additionally, the clamps can be removed to provide more flexibility in storing tools and other essential hardware.

A built-in measuring guide makes this bench even more convenient, so you won’t have to worry if you forget your measuring tape.


  • 300-pound capacity (worktable) | 1,000-pound capacity (sawhorse)
  • Two bar clamps | four clamp dogs
  • Steels supports and fittings

What we love:

  • Pockets on the surface are useful for storing smaller items
  • Simple and fast to set it up and take it back down
  • Provides possibility to add a power strip to the bottom

We don’t like this as much:

  • Clamps could have a more even hold
WORX WX051 Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse
  • [WORKTABLE & SAWHORSE] Holds up to 300 lbs. as a work table, supports 1,000 lbs. as a sawhorse. And it’s easy to transition between the two
  • [CUSTOM CLAMPS] Two quick clamps are integrated and stay attached even when you fold the table into a sawhorse. Because they’re designed specifically for the Pegasus, they’ll be stronger and last longer
  • [LIGHT AND STURDY] It’s only 25 lbs., and its foldable design makes it easy to move and store
  • [CONNECT MULTIPLE TABLES] Create a whole work counter when you link 3 or more Pegasus’ together. Whether your worksite or workshop is spacious or tight, this building solution expands or contracts to fit your needs
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

3. Keter Folding Worktable

Keter - 197283 Folding Table Work Bench for Miter Saw Stand, Woodworking Tools and Accessories with Included 12 Inch Wood Clamps – Easy Garage Storage Black/Yellow

The Keter Folding Worktable is a portable station that combines heavy-duty use with a lightweight design. It weighs in at around 29.95 pounds and features a convenient fast-opening and folding system so you can set it up and dismantle it within seconds. The carrying handle makes it easier to move from one location to another.

With steel legs, it has good stability and can hold up to many at-home projects such as cutting jobs or simple painting, making it a perfect bench for hobbyists and DIYers. You can begin using it right away since it includes two clamps.

A rugged polypropylene construction and weather-resistant features make for a bench made to last. It resists cracking, dents, and frequent use, so it is durable for a wide variety of projects.


  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Two clamps (12 inches)
  • Quick-opening system

What we love:

  • Folds up into a compact size, with a small footprint for easy storage
  • Clamps operate and slide into the rails smoothly
  • The supports lock firmly in place

We don’t like this as much:

  • Would be nice to have height-adjustable legs
Keter - 197283 Folding Table Work Bench for Miter Saw Stand, Woodworking Tools and Accessories with Included 12 Inch Wood Clamps – Easy Garage Storage Black/Yellow
  • DIMENSIONS: Standing: 33.46 in. L x 21.65 in. W x 29.75 in. H / Folded: 33.46 in. L x 21.65 in. W x 4.4 in. H
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made of heavy-duty resin with aluminum legs and a work space capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, and denting
  • LESS THAN 30 SECOND SETUP: Unique quick opening and folding system for easy storage and portability
  • LESS THAN 30 LBS: With its lightweight design and sturdy carrying handle, take your workbench just about anywhere

4. DEWALT Folding Workbench

DEWALT Work Bench, Folding (DWST11556)

The DEWALT Folding Workbench is a robust portable workbench with a large work surface to handle a wide variety of jobs. It’s straightforward, yet it allows room to perform different duties, more so as it’s compatible with trigger clamps that can manage a range of applications.

Even with its sturdy metal legs, it only weighs 23 pounds. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice durability as it has a high weight capacity, so you can perform light to heavy-duty tasks without fear of it breaking apart.

Lightweight and easy to carry, you should have no trouble carrying it. Thanks to its fast setup design, it will take less than three seconds to open, with the opening handle built to also double as a tool hanger.


  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Several clamp holes
  • Metal support legs

What we love:

  • Stable build so that there’s no wobbling
  • Slim, low-profile when folded so it fits into most cars for transportation
  • Good amount of clamping space

We don’t like this as much:

  • Slots don’t accommodate all clamps
DEWALT Work Bench, Folding (DWST11556)
  • Versatile clamping - The portable work bench is compatible with trigger clamps, allowing to carry out all clamping applications
  • The garage work bench features quick setup and folding - less than 3 seconds!
  • Metal legs support up to 1000 lbs
  • Large work surface enables various user applications
  • Opening handle can be use as tool hanger

5. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

The Kreg Mobile Project Center offers versatility, going beyond being a simple workbench. It can serve as a sawhorse in one setup, an assembly table in another, and even a clamping station. The workbench comes with $40 worth of clamping accessories, so you can get going with some projects right out of the box. Accessories include four bench dogs and an auto-adjust bench clamp.

Among the hardware included in this purchase, you can even add a 2×4 cutting surface. In the open table set up, there are holsters so your drill is always within reach, as well as built-in storage trays. On the shelf underneath you can store additional tools, keeping them handy for when you need them.

The legs are made with heavy-gauge steel to provide a sturdy foundation. It also folds down in a matter of seconds, so when you’re done using it, it can be tucked out of the way.


  • 350-pound capacity (table) | 25-pound capacity (shelf)
  • Bonus clamping accessories
  • Lower storage shelf

What we love:

  • Can easily join with other tables to create a larger workspace
  • Reliable adjustable legs
  • Good versatility in how you can set up clamps

We don’t like this as much:

  • Could be improved with extendable legs
Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center
  • Multiple work modes provide maximum versatility
  • Folds down in seconds for work on the go, and for easy storage
  • Hole pattern on tables accept bench dogs and other accessories
  • Built-in storage trays hold hardware and parts. Heavy-gauge steel legs provide a solid foundation
  • Auto-adjust bench clamp and 4 Bench dogs included

6. WORKPRO 4-in-1 Portable Workbench

WORKPRO Miter Saw Stand, 5-in-1 Portable Workbench, Quick Folding Work Table with Detachable Miter Saw Stand & Height Adjustable Legs, Scaffold/Dolly/Creeper/Platform for Woodworking, Repair, Masonry

The WORKPRO 4-in-1 Portable Workbench is a high-quality tool for handling all your portable needs. Adaptable to three distinct heights, it can be used for a wider range of projects as well as accommodate users of different heights. When set up, it features non-slip, large feet to provide increased stability.

The workbench features a reversible panel thanks to the detachable countertop which has two different surfaces. There’s a scale-up and protractor on one side and an anti-skid grain on the other. Moreover, there is a quick-loading miter saw.

When folded, it doesn’t just offer the possibility of storing it in a corner but can also be used as a creeper or dolly. It has large, anti-skid wheels and swivel casters, so it can actually move around better when used as a creeper.


  • 330-pound capacity
  • Telescoping legs
  • Anti-skid wheels

What we love:

  • Folds up flat for storage purposes
  • Heavy build helps make it sturdier
  • Easy to adjust for different projects

We don’t like this as much:

  • The wheels stick out a bit
WORKPRO Miter Saw Stand, 5-in-1 Portable Workbench, Quick Folding Work Table with Detachable Miter Saw Stand & Height Adjustable Legs, Scaffold/Dolly/Creeper/Platform for Woodworking, Repair, Masonry
  • 🎈 Folding & Telescoping Legs - With quick folding design, the legs can be easily and quickly folded into the work table and then be fixed for becoming a dolly. What’s more attractive is workbench owns telescoping legs which have 3 nodes, allowing you to adjust it to 3 different heights. Large non-slip feet generates a broad, ultra-stable stance to stay where you place them
  • 🎈 Robust Steel Frame & Reversible Panel - The entire frame is made of sturdy light metal and has a carrying capacity up to 330 lb. Locking legs provide a rock solid work surface, which also ensures durability and longevity. This workbench also has a detachable countertop which has two different surfaces: one side has anti-skid grain, facilitating a person to stand above or stack heavy goods. The other side has a scale up to 31-1/2"(81cm) and a protractor.
  • 🎈 Super Mobility - The work table is equipped with two swivel casters and two large size anti-skid wheels. It can be used as creeper, dolly, and so on when folded. The swivel casters enable the workbench to have the function of perfect steering. The large-size anti-skid wheels adopt high-quality materials, which guarantees the workbench to slide smoothly, and easily roll through many pits or bumps
  • 🎈 Quick Loading of Miter Saw - It also features a miter saw stand that can be quickly loaded and disassembled through four metal toggle latches. Two tool mounts of the miter saw stand can be screwed/unscrewed to adjust their tightness
  • 🎈 Storage Compartment & Sockets - WORKPRO also pays attention to details of the workbench, adding a lot of subtle but necessary functions. It has 3 three-head output sockets, 1 three-head input socket and a reset switch. A wide and thick handle relieves the pressure on the palm of your hand when you drag the workbench. Storage compartments for placing parts, screwdrivers, drills, etc. also provide additional convenience to you.

FAQs About Portable Workbenches

Why is it important to choose the right workbench?

The majority of workbenches may seem similar at first glance, but they can vary in many ways that set them apart from each other. It is therefore important to take into account what you need in order to purchase a workbench that meets your needs.

How important is mobility to you? Does the workbench have the proper load capacity for what you’re planning to do? You will be able to tell which workbench works best for you based on their answers to these questions.

What are the most important factors to consider when looking for a workbench?

First and foremost, you must make sure you’re getting a workbench model that is designed to handle the weight you need. Those of you contemplating projects that will involve heavy-duty work like industrial work will require a sturdy workbench with high support and a large weight-bearing capacity.

Build quality comes into play here as the workbench should be constructed with superior, durable material to guarantee that it can endure repeated use.

Wrap Up

Whether you need to take your work with you on the go, or you simply don’t have the room to set up a complete workshop at home, a portable workbench can be a lifesaver. Many of these tend to be versatile, offering you the freedom to perform different tasks all in one place.

Don’t forget to check out our top picks for the best budget workbench, the best mid-range option, and the best high-end workbench:

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