8 Best Safety Glasses for Your Projects

8 Best Safety Glasses for Your Projects

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Working outdoors or in a workshop comes with its fair share of hazards, such as flying sparks, debris, or dust getting into your eyes. Safety glasses are crucial for preventing any uncomfortable or painful accidents. The best protective eyewear blocks debris from coming into contact with your eyes and many also contain side shields to keep your eyes completely covered. 

For those working outdoors in the sun (lucky you), there are now safety glasses with UV-light protection and anti-glare technology so your vision isn’t compromised, cutting down workplace accidents while increasing comfort.

All safety glasses are different and it’s important to select the right pair for you. While bearing in mind your budget, you might also want to consider factors including:

  • Design
  • Frame material
  • Lens quality (or if you’ll need prescription lenses)
  • Budget
  • How long you’ll be wearing them each day

To find the best picks for your projects, we ensured that all of these glasses adhered to safety requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We also used consumer reviews from people who have purchased these glasses, eliminating any fake reviews and recommendations to guarantee that all accounts were completely authentic and unbiased.

1. 3M Virtua CCS Protective Safety Glasses

3M Safety Glasses, Virtua CCS, ANSI Z87, Anti-Fog, Clear Lens, Blue Frame, Corded Ear Plug Control, Removable Foam Gasket

The 3M Virtua CCS Protective Safety Glasses are an affordable pair of safety glasses designed for both indoor and outdoor situations. They feature a removable foam-lined gasket that’s designed with airflow vents. This adds to the comfort of these glasses when wearing them in humid environments. Besides that, the gasket also adds more cushioning while limiting potential exposure to particles and dust.

The glasses are available with clear lenses, gray lenses, and mirror lenses. Additionally, polycarbonate lenses can absorb up to 99.9% of UV rays. There’s also a corded earplug control system you can use. This keeps eyewear and earplugs attached so they don’t tangle and are always ready for when you need them.


  • Thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Foam-lined gasket
  • Contoured temples
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: CSA Z94.3

What we love:

  • Easily removed with one hand to not disrupt work
  • Fully wraps around the eyes for total protection against debris

We don’t like this as much:

  • The arch of the glasses cause more air to pass through, which may lead to the lenses fogging
3M Safety Glasses, Virtua CCS, ANSI Z87, Anti-Fog, Clear Lens, Blue Frame, Corded Ear Plug Control, Removable Foam Gasket
  • DUST DEFENSE: Foam gasket helps limit eye exposure to nuisance dust and other particles while providing additional cushioning.
  • WRAP AROUND DESIGN provides extended eye protection and unobstructed viewing.
  • ANTI-FOG LENS COATING and removable foam-lined gasket with airflow vents make this protective eyewear ideal for humid environments.
  • CORDED EAR PLUG CONTROL SYSTEM: Unique temple design can keep eyewear and ear plugs attached, untangled, and ready to use. Corded ear plugs can double as a lanyard (ear plugs sold separately).
  • ANSI Z87: Meets the High Impact Requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and the High Impact Requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2020.

2. Pyramex OTS Over Prescription Safety Glasses

Pyramex OTS Over Prescription Glasses Safety Glasses for Welding

The Pyramex OTS Over Prescription Safety Glasses are ideal for those who need protection but cannot sacrifice using their prescription glasses. As such, they are designed to be a bit larger, seamlessly fitting over your glasses without being too large that they become cumbersome or obstruct your vision. There is a one-size option, an X-large option, and a standard size option to support various prescription glasses.

There are also different colors to choose from for the lenses. As for when you wear them, these glasses can be helpful if you’re welding or cutting anything. They have strong polycarbonate lenses that are scratch-resistant and UV-protected. This gives you further protection if worn outdoors. Whether you’re looking to use these glasses in the lab or on a construction site, you won’t be let down by their comfortable design and the degree of protection offered.


  • Nylon frame
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Wrap-around design
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87.1+

What we love:

  • Lightweight design that is comfortable to wear over long periods
  • Temple length and tilt adjust well so you can get a secure fit

We don’t like this as much:

  • Don’t sit entirely flush to the face
Pyramex OTS Over Prescription Glasses Safety Glasses for Welding
  • Designed to better fit over today's prescription eye wear
  • Lightweight nylon temples adjust for length and pitch
  • Lenses are coated for superior scratch resistance
  • Lenses provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays

3. KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses (25688), Smoke Mirror with Black Frame, 12 Pairs / Case

The KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are a comfortable option when you want something that will keep you safe with a touch of style while you wear them. They come in an indoor/outdoor lens design, a smoke lens design, and in a blue mirror or smoke mirror lens. With each design tackling a particular issue, a collection of these glasses will leave you equipped to handle any situation that comes your way.

They are also an affordable choice since you can get 12 pairs in a single purchase. Although they are built to withstand impact from drops or even if you step on them, it’s more convenient to have several backups just in case. For further safety purposes, these sporty glasses feature polycarbonate lenses for high UV protection, perfect for those working long hours outdoors. Alongside that, there is the patented FLEX DRY that helps channel sweat away from your eyes if you work in warmer conditions.


  • Thermoplastic polyurethane frame
  • Wrap-around design
  • Patented nose piece
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87.1+

What we love:

  • The lenses provide crystal-clear vision
  • The flexible frame allows them to easily fit people with different face shapes and sizes

We don’t like this as much:

  • Might have to readjust the glasses as the nose guard can be a little loose for some
KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses (25688), Smoke Mirror with Black Frame, 12 Pairs / Case
  • These KleenGuard Nemesis Safety Glasses (safety sunglasses) have a black frame and smoke lenses with outer mirror coating for outdoor use; smoke mirror lenses are ideal for bright, sunny days to provide glare reduction
  • KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Smoke Mirror Safety Glasses (sunglasses) feature a sporty, flexible, lightweight design that your employees will be happy to wear; they have a stylish, sporty look and feel
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1plus standards for personal eye protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9 percentage UVA/ UVB/ UVC protection
  • Patented FLEX DRY designed to be extremely flexible, to channel sweat away from the eyes, and to help prevent slippage down the nose all for long term comfort

4. NoCry Over Safety Glasses (OTG)

NoCry Safety Glasses That Fit Over Your Prescription Eyewear. Clear Anti-Scratch Wraparound Lenses, UV400 Protection, ANSI Z87 & OSHA Certified. Use in the Lab, Travelling, Black & Orange Frames

The NoCry OTG is the perfect choice to maintain eye protection without removing your prescription glasses. Although these can work as safety glasses on their own, these fit effortlessly over small to large prescription glasses, with the flexible arms adjusting as needed to accommodate people with different sized faces. The arms even feature soft tips for extra comfort and to eliminate any potential pressure building behind the ears.

These safety glasses perform exceptionally well in keeping you safe when you’re working on various projects from woodworking to handling chemicals. They offer ideal peripheral protection thanks to the effective wrap-around design, and the lenses themselves offer 400nm UV protection for outdoor wear. This protection can be found in both the clear and tinted lens styles.

Weighing in at only 38 grams, these safety glasses are also extremely light, lending themselves well to being worn for long periods – perfect for when you’re feeling a burst of extra inspiration during your projects.


  • Rubber frame
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Wrap-around design
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87+

What we love:

  • The oleophobic coating on the lenses ensures that dust particles or water droplets won’t stick to them
  • Glasses fit snugly on the face, even during high-intensity activities like running

We don’t like this as much:

  • May require a period of adjustment when wearing prescription glasses underneath
NoCry Safety Glasses That Fit Over Your Prescription Eyewear. Clear Anti-Scratch Wraparound Lenses, UV400 Protection, ANSI Z87 & OSHA Certified. Use in the Lab, Travelling, Black & Orange Frames
  • EYE PROTECTION FOR WORKING PROFESSIONALS. Get ready for the ultimate dual protection. Protect your eyes from droplets, dust and flying particles. Keep your prescription glasses safe from scratches. How is this possible? These “over the glasses” safety glasses fit most standard frames — up to 5.7in wide, 1.37in high on the sides and 1.77 high at the center — protecting both.
  • STRONG, DURABLE WRAPAROUND DESIGN. The polycarbonate wraparound lenses protect you from the front and the sides. Here’s the best part: the lenses have a clear UV 400nm scratch resistant coating. This means they block out 90-100% of harmful UV radiation without causing any optical distortion. They’re durable too: ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety certified, OSHA approved. ( Z87+ embossed on the frame).
  • COMFORTABLE AND DESIGNED FOR YOU. Wearing a pair of safety glasses that fit over your eyeglasses can be a hassle. That’s why we added soft tips that eliminate pressure behind your ears and adjustable, extendable arms that help you get the fit just right. These thoughtful touches make this protective eyewear perfect for men, women, youth and anyone who wants to put the safety of their eyes and prescription glasses first.
  • VERSATILE WORK AND PLAY PROTECTION. Confidently wear these eye protection glasses at the shooting range (after double-checking the local safety requirements of course). Or put them on for woodworking, construction, chemistry or science lab work, doing yard work, using power tools, and doing dental work. In short, wear them anywhere you’d like to use PPE glasses. You can even wear them for extra eye protection during travel.
  • DON’T FORGET TO PROTECT YOUR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES. To avoid scratches, make sure that no part of your own prescription lenses are in direct contact with the protective lenses of the OTG safety glasses. (You can also wear these safety glasses on their own as oversized eye protection.) And —if you have any problems— get in touch. We offer hassle-free support and replacements.

5. Solid Safety Goggles

Solid. Safety Goggles | Protective Eyewear Lenses | Safety Glasses for wearing Over Prescription Glasses | Clear Lens | Blue

The Solid Safety Goggles are fantastic eye protective gear designed to combat almost any situation. They can be worn alone or with prescription glasses, and with their full-coverage design, they are perfect for use during projects involving fumes, liquids, or light debris. These goggles aren’t known to fog up either so they won’t obscure your vision in humid conditions.

Furthermore, these lenses feature protection against harmful UV rays, letting you use them just as well outdoors as you can indoors. They even give you a panoramic view thanks to the total protection all the way around without obscuring your vision. Also, the rubber sealing molds to your face for a personalized fit, giving you all-day comfort.

A feat of German engineering, the materials used in the design of these safety goggles are non-irritating and are kind to your skin. This tackles a common issue people face when wearing safety goggles, the impact on their skin in the form of rashes or marks. 


  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Retina edge coating
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87+

What we love:

  • Easy to adjust the elastic band around the back of your head
  • Material is soft and doesn’t cause much pressure around your eyes and the bridge of your nose

We don’t like this as much:

  • Must handle the goggles with care when storing them to prevent scratches on the lenses
Solid. Safety Goggles | Protective Eyewear Lenses | Safety Glasses for wearing Over Prescription Glasses | Clear Lens | Blue
  • DESIGNED TO FIT YOU - The goggles' soft rubber sealing molds perfectly to the shape of any face, eye protection from all sides. Smartly aligned ventilation slots, which are covered by the lens, ensure good airflow and prevent flying particles from entering the inside of the goggles. An adjustable headband provides individual and firm fit.
  • SOLID. RETINA EDGE COATED LENSES - Due to the special coating, our protective eyewear is highly scratch resistant, will not fog up and protects against harmful UV rays. Our Safety Goggles are certified according to US ANSI Z87+ and German DIN EN 166 & EN 170.
  • MOST COMFORTABLE - Ultimate wearing comfort is created by a soft rubber sealing, so say goodbye to painful pressure points. Safety goggles over glasses that combine complete protection with a panoramic view - protection from all sides without limitations!
  • BEST MATERIALS, BEST CHOICE - Say goodbye to chemical odors and skin irritations! We only use skin-pleasing, skin-neutral substances. Meaning, the anti fog, anti scratch lens give perfect protection and next-to-skin comfort.
  • 100% MONEY BACK - SOLID. products are backed by GERMAN ENGINEERING DESIGN AND SERVICE and we stand by it: If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money - up to 1 year after purchase! That’s a promise!

6. MAGID Iconic Y50 Design Series Safety Glasses

MAGID ANSI Z87+ Performance Anti-Fog Safety Glasses with Side Shields, Scratch-Resistant, Comfortable & Stylish, Cloth Case Included, Clear Lens, Y50 Iconic Design, Y50BKAFC (1 Pair)

The MAGID Iconic Y50 Design Series Safety Glasses deliver impact protection all around thanks to the wrap-around frames. They don’t hinder visibility either as the side shields are vented. They have a sporty, lightweight design, making them easier to wear for long hours. These even offer just enough room for you to wear them alongside your prescription glasses.

If you’re working on a project outside, the glasses offer 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays. You can choose from clear, gray, blue blocker, or amber lenses too. Who says you can’t match your safety glasses to your outfit? Also, these safety glasses offer clear lens styles that feature either 1.5 diopter or 2.0 diopter lenses. This is particularly useful for those who don’t like wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time.


  • Nylon frame
  • Padded brow guards
  • Anti-fog coating
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87+

What we love:

  • Simple to wear with headgear – from earmuffs to hats
  • Soft temple padding on the frames for comfort

We don’t like this as much:

  • They may need to be broken in or stretched out a bit as they initially have a snug fit
MAGID ANSI Z87+ Performance Anti-Fog Safety Glasses with Side Shields, Scratch-Resistant, Comfortable & Stylish, Cloth Case Included, Clear Lens, Y50 Iconic Design, Y50BKAFC (1 Pair)
  • Stylish, classic design promotes worker compliance
  • Low base curve frame and clear side shields provide excellent peripheral vision and protection
  • Glasses are packed one pair per wiper case making it easy to keep the glasses clean and smudge-free
  • Scratch resistant hard coat polycarbonate lenses in clear and grey offer long-lasting protection
  • Black nylon frame with soft grey temple pads for comfort

7. Gateway Safety StarLite Glasses

Gateway Safety 466M UL-Certified StarLite Safety Glasses, Mocha Mirror Lens, Mocha Temple (Pack of 10)

The Gateway Safety StarLite Glasses offer you sleek protection with lenses and frames available in numerous colors. They are remarkably lightweight to the point that you may even forget you’re wearing them. With such a modern appearance and comfortable design, you can wear these all day without irritation.

When you order these glasses, you’ll receive a pack of 10 so you’ll always have one to spare in case something happens or you lose one. They are independently tested too so that you know they offer the necessary protection to get the job done whether you’re at work or doing an at-home project. 

In fact, these glasses meet the ballistic impact specifications required by the US military, they’re that strong! Aside from their incredible strength, these glasses also readily protect from finer particles like dust, and there is also 99.9% UV protection added to the lenses for good measure.


  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Universal-fit temples
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards: Z87.1+

What we love:

  • Protects the eyes well if working outdoors in windy conditions
  • Offers great peripheral vision and protection

We don’t like this as much:

  • We’d like to see a version that works well with prescription glasses.
Gateway Safety 466M UL-Certified StarLite Safety Glasses, Mocha Mirror Lens, Mocha Temple (Pack of 10)
  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing less than one ounce
  • Deep, universal-fit temples provide side protection equal to that of large side shields
  • Independently tested to the ballistics impact section of the US Military standard, MIL-PRF-31013, Clause 3. 5. 1. 1
  • Independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87. 1+ and CSA Z94. 3 standards
  • Sleek, compact appearance and stylish unitary lens provides a wide field of vision

8. Devardi Glass Didymium Safety Glasses

Devardi Glass Didymium Safety Glasses for Lampwork, Beadmaking, Black PT-1

The Devardi Glass Didymium Safety Glasses are a great choice for those with projects like glass blowing or lampworking. They dramatically reduce the irritation resulting from over-exposure to UV light, which is very important for those who spend hours working with glass torches that emit UV. Also, thanks to the flat lenses used, there is no distortion in vision. Thanks to this clear vision, you can work on the projects you love without distraction.

These safety glasses are designed so you can add different clip-on flip-ups, customizing the glasses to better suit your needs. They are made in a unisex style too so they won’t look out of place, no matter who is wearing them.

When it comes to providing a comfortable fit, the Devardi Glass Didymium Safety Glasses have you covered. Even if you have a smaller head, these glasses offer comfort and a snug fit. Affordable and stylish, they are perfect for those looking for quality eye protection. 


  • Plastic frame
  • Flat lens style
  • UV-light protected
  • Unisex design

What we love:

  • Feature high-impact plastic frames that won’t let you down
  • Good protection against glare to prevent headaches and eye strain

We don’t like this as much:

  • Lacks a rubber nose guard, so there’s a chance that sweat build-up can cause them to slip
Devardi Glass Didymium Safety Glasses for Lampwork, Beadmaking, Black PT-1
  • Aero-Pro Optics Didymium Glasses - Black Frame Glass Lenses, high impact plastic unisex frame.
  • For soft glass torch applications. If you use boro glass, add our #3 green flip up for added protection, sold here on Amazon.
  • For reducing sodium flare and UV light from soft glass torch applications. Superior grade Didymium GLASS lenses. Flat lenses eliminate distortions.
  • The frame in the front corner to corner is 5.5 inches. The height in the front is 1.5 inches. The lenses themselves are 1.25 inches high x 2 inches wide.
  • Please click the blue "Devardi Glass" above to see all our listings.

FAQs About Safety Glasses for Your Projects

How do safety glasses protect your eyes?

Safety glasses are used to offer protection against workplace hazards. This includes cutting down the risks of dust or flying objects harming your eyes. A lot of safety glasses may look different, but they must adhere to the standard safety requirements. They need to pass the impact standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Meaning, they must be stronger than your average glasses, prescription or recreational. Everything from the lenses to the hinges should be able to withstand potential impact. 

Safety glasses also tend to have brow guards or side-shields too. This protects debris from sneaking into your eyes from the side or falling down your face from above.

What safety criteria must your safety glasses meet?

Safety glasses must hold up to ANSI Z87.1 standards. They must be tested for exposure to non-ionizing radiation and chemicals as well as testing both impact-rated and non-impact-rated lenses and frames. The criteria further measure the area that will be protected on the wearer’s face, and the glasses should be tested against corrosion and ignition.

An easy way to know if safety glasses are compliant with ANSI Z87.1 standards is to look for the markings. Permanent, legible markings are required on safety glasses throughout specified locations. These markings include the designation of standard as well as the manufacturer’s logo or personal mark.

Wrap Up

You can come into hazardous conditions at work or home while working on your own projects, so it’s vital you have the proper eye protection. Dust, debris, chemicals, and more can cause serious and lifelong damage to your vision and health if adequate protection is not worn. Lowering those risks is easy enough if you wear safety glasses.

Check out our favorite picks for the best budget-friendly option, the best mid-range pair of safety glasses, and the best high-end safety glasses.

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