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Buying a Jaw Crusher (6 replies)

Bill Fraser
11 months ago
Bill Fraser 11 months ago

What factors do you consider when you would love to purchase a stone or rock crusher?  Before buying a jaw crusher or a cone crusher, what do you take into consideration in your pre-purchase evaluation?

Maya Rothman
11 months ago
Maya Rothman 11 months ago

In buying a jaw crusher I evalute the Communality - Make/Brand/Model, technical innovation and design, performance, structural integrity - Agents in host country - Back up service both sales and aftermarket and technical service back up and quality of people employed.

Victor Bergman
11 months ago
Victor Bergman 11 months ago

Crusher is a machine to produce valuable product. I agree with Robert in general but would like to put the same arguments in different order.

Service and minimum downtime - operation cost - performance - meeting requirements - reputation - robust construction - technical innovation, power consumption.

In some counties due to local rules it is impossible to get parts within reasonable time, so "agent" is a very bad word, it should be dealers with stock of spares.

Bob Mathias
11 months ago
Bob Mathias 11 months ago

Operating cost information or " Operating Cost Guarantee", if proprietary ware parts cost are not consistent with normal parts pricing you will find yourself in real cost compromise, you must consider every manageable proprietary ware part. We were shocked into this realization !! We are having to spend disproportionate amount of time and inconvenience researching for OEM suppliers, for the original manufacture, so we can source and price parts competitively . If not you are held "RANSOM"

Tony Verdeschi
11 months ago
Tony Verdeschi 11 months ago

First study the standards to meet, than create a process , than specify the crusher & calculate screensize. Forget the single crusher, the whole process must work.

John Koenig
11 months ago
John Koenig 11 months ago

What is the cost of ware parts per ton of aggregate? I am not argue with you, but I know a lot of speculations about parts cost from dealer compared to OEM parts price. But as you mentioned to get OEM prices you need to spend time and money to find them, deliver them and check them. From my experience the difference much less them expected. Besides that personal is doing what they should not do.

So real figures can be very interesting. May be not here.

Alan Carter
11 months ago
Alan Carter 11 months ago

Cone crusher application: questions:Please select and input the application information. 

Underlined information required:

* Type: 

  • A. Basalt/Granite 0 
  • B. Gabbro 0 
  • C. Limestone 0 
  • D. Sand & Gravel 0

* Gradation: % passing appropriate sieve sizes

  1. 100% passing: ____
  2. 80% passing: _____
  3. 50% passing: _____
  4. 25% passing: _____

* TPH feed into cone:

* output gradation:

  1. 100% passing: ____
  2. 50% passing: _____
  3. 25% passing: _____

* replacing another crusher:

  1. What brand and model:
  2. How much current HP:
  3. Crusher setting:
  4. Current output gradation (100% passing__, 80% passing _):
  5. Current TPH output:

* Inclusions/ Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

* by:_________________________

* Name:_______________________

This information is common.

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