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Gaping cone crusher (4 replies and 1 comment)

David Kano
11 months ago
David Kano 11 months ago

Which other method can I use to measure the gap for a cone crusher other than using the lead button method. We trying to avoid the health risks associated with the use of lead. I need a review if methods on how to measure a cone crusher gap?

Tony Verdeschi
11 months ago
Tony Verdeschi 11 months ago

Lead is best as it does not break. Sold wax can work in some countries but will break if too cold. Plasticine can work if it does not distort due to sticking to metal. If this happens try coating with thick dust. This however will prevent you from repeating the test, which is possilbe with lead.

Bill Fraser
11 months ago
Bill Fraser 11 months ago

Tried and true is the old ball of aluminium foil.

Maya Rothman
11 months ago
Maya Rothman 11 months ago

I agree with Greg afoil works extremely well and is cheap.

11 months ago
David 11 months ago

If you are feeling rich use http://www.mintap.com.au/cgap/index.html otherwise do not surrender to paranoia about Pb and use http://www.911metallurgist.com/blog/checking-crusher-gap-measuring-crusher-chamber-spacing

11 months ago

Foil ball is quick and easy, also try cast lead fishing sinker, the type with brass eye for attaching a line. see

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