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HPGR Feed bunker (7 replies)

Marshal Meru
1 year ago
Marshal Meru 1 year ago

What volume of the feed bunker HPGR? From practice enough for 1.5-2 minutes of work. What do you think about the bunkers volume?

Maya Rothman
1 year ago
Maya Rothman 1 year ago

We have just had several days of discussion on these topics of plant design at the AMIRA P9P meeting in Johannesburg, RSA.

On the topic of HPGR circuit design, I’d recommend you talk to Prof. HakanBenzer from the Hacettepe University, Turkey. He is the leader in the field of HPGRs and their use in circuits.

For information and design criteria for crusher feed systems to ensure the crusher is fed in a choked feed method to maximise the crusher performance, then I’d recommend that you have discussions with Prof. 

Sachin Prakash
1 year ago
Sachin Prakash 1 year ago

Feed bunker volume depends on many factors, nevertheless minimum of 30 minutes operation of any equipment’s like crusher, mills etc. whichever subject to continuous or choke feed

Marshal Meru
1 year ago
Marshal Meru 1 year ago

Minimum feed chute /bunker for HPGR is 3 kub, meters and height 2,5-3 meters above roll gap HPGR. What is the optimum volume feed chute/bunker HPGR for your opinion?

1 year ago
Oberstorm 1 year ago

The HPGR feed bin is intended for creation of necessary pressing forces providing a security of or even feed distribution alongside the gap between the grinding rolls. So the essential is the height of the feed shaft but not the top bunker/ funnel volume. I would say 3 m3 would be enough. The target of this bunker is receiving of ore from upstream belt but not a creation of a certain buffer.

Raje Singh
1 year ago
Raje Singh 1 year ago

One of the usages of the feed bunker would to blend the new feed with the re-circulated sizing screen o/s. For one of the projects, we had to wet screen the HPGR product and send the screen o/s back to HPGR. The screen o/s moisture was higher than the feed. We included a feed bunker in the design. It was receiving the new feed as well as the screen o/s. The bunker was also being used as surge bin and we kept a surge of 30 min.

There is also a small bin at the top of the HPGR which is part of the equipment assembly and its primarily used to achieve even feed distribution alongside the gap between the grinding rolls as pointed out.

Marshal Meru
1 year ago
Marshal Meru 1 year ago

Question was about a small bin at the top of the HPGR (chute/feed bunker).
The biggest bunker was calculated up 8 min for early project, before biggest bunker was be storage up 24 hour.

Bill Rico
1 year ago
Bill Rico 1 year ago

The bunker doesn't need a large volume but it has to be large enough to ensure proper function of the HPGR. The bunker has to be installed on load cells; this is an important part of the control strategy to ensure max. Throughput and best results. The know-how is the internal parts and the adjustment possibilities. The arrangement and the setting of these parts are much more interesting than the size of the hopper. To install a 'day hopper' on top of the machine does not make sense.

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