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CCD flocculant addition points and dosage (2 replies and 1 comment)

Javier Ramirez
4 months ago
Javier Ramirez 4 months ago

A gold cyanide leaching plant uses four CCD thickeners. Each is being fed with flocculant and a clear overflow obtained. Now, planning is to produce paste tailings out from the last thickener in the series. At least 68% solids by weight is needed. Problem is that the slurry is too flocculated and % solids cannot be higher than 62%. Cumulative flocculant addition amounts to up to 75 grs/ton. A solution has been proposed to add flocculant just to the last thickener in the CCD arrangement; however, the superintendent is against it. What can be done instead?

4 months ago
David 4 months ago

Hola Javier y bienvenido at 911Met

75g/t seems high. Some flocc screening tests on different flocculants may be able to reduce this and therefore improve underflow density.

4 months ago

Hola Javier, I agree with David. Consider maintaining your flow addition into the first thickener, but then reduce the addition the 40% into the subsequent stages and monitor overflow solution clarity. If clear, reduce the floc addition in all stages, and then concentrate on thickener underflow density. I expect adequate laboratory settling tests have been done, and the best test result should be adopted for the 1st-stage CCD and then reduce downstream.

Javier Ramirez
4 months ago
Javier Ramirez 4 months ago

Dear friends,

Thanks for your comments and advice.

I will do as recommended.



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