Dewatering: Thickening, Filtering, CCD, Water Treatment & Tailings Disposal

Dewatering: Thickening, Filtering, CCD, Water Treatment & Tailings Disposal 2017-03-23T09:42:05+00:00
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Water Losses in Coal Wash Plant (7 replies)

1 year ago
Unterstarm 1 year ago

I am running a project on water losses in coal wash plant and I need information on ways in which water can be lost in the wash plant of coal and in what ways we there are for minimizing the above with water loss reporting forward.

Dizzy Flores
1 year ago
Dizzy Flores 1 year ago

Water loss (i.e. water/solid ratio) on coal wash plants occurs in the following areas/sections:

•Thickener - liquid/solid separation - checks thickener operation/etc.

•Magnetite is the separation media used for coal recovery - check densities in this circuit.

I hope this will be of help to you.

1 year ago
Unterstarm 1 year ago

Yes thank you a lot. For me to find the amount of water lost during operation should I use water balance or what?

1 year ago
OberstGruppen 1 year ago

The water loss in coal wash plants occurs because the coal and rejects both leave the plant with more moisture than they arrive. Products tend to be centrifuged to dry the material to meet the product moisture specification, while you need to do a water balance to determine how much water is being consumed. The plant flow sheet will provide this information.

Victor Bergman
1 year ago
Victor Bergman 1 year ago

One of the pleasures of CHPP work is balancing the weightometers monthly.

Carl Jenkins
1 year ago
Carl Jenkins 1 year ago

Make water mass balance to find the main water loss points and introduce corrective actions.

1 year ago

The plant water balance will of course help, as the obvious places for water to leave are with the products (inc. discards & dewatered slimes) and thickener underflow/bleeds. Of course good dewatering is very important if you're selling your coal on an as received basis. However, comparing many simulated flow sheets (using Limn in my case with a mix of supplied and home developed models), versus real life there's usually a big gap, of which sometimes only 50% can be accounted and logically the difference is outside plant losses, i.e. evaporation, wash down etc which mustn't be forgotten for a real operation or project.

1 year ago
Gruppen 1 year ago

Factors that could lead to water loss include; damaged screen panels including de-watering screen, faulty level control valves which causes overflowing tanks, blockages.

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