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Pressure zadra cell (2 replies)

2 weeks ago
ameer 2 weeks ago

Hi, I faced problem in  our pressurise  zadra cell. High voltage appeared 12 volt during gold stripping, ampere was set to 660A, flow rate is 11.5 

Temperature is 150 C, anyone can help me to solve this problem

Marshal Meru
2 weeks ago
Marshal Meru 2 weeks ago

Hi, for starters, try to cut back on voltage 4.3V & be sure the distance between the cells should be 3/4" - 1"

A procedure manual I got for a 125 cu. ft. Electrolytic Cell says 3 to 5 volts and 250 amps 150 -170 deg. F

Solution strength varies 0.2% NaCN & 1% Caustic.

2 weeks ago
Wayne 2 weeks ago
1 like by David

Hi,  i would check all your connections in the system, at first glance it sounds like an electrical problem like a partial short causing current to spike, not sure why your voltage would go up though

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