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recovery of copper from copper nitrate solution (2 replies)

3 weeks ago
girishchandra 3 weeks ago

Need help for recovery of copper from copper nitrate solution 


3 weeks ago
inOr 3 weeks ago
2 likes by Wayne and David

girishchandra, Ok, I'll try to help.  Could you supply more detail please?  Some questions include:  What is the concentration of CuNO3 and what ingredients are there beside the copper salt, in other words what is the composition of the solution?  What is the pH of the solution?  What volumes are you processing?  Most importantly, what kind of help do you need?  Is there a particular stage of the recovery you need help with, or are you looking for the whole process, beginning to end?  We can't do much with so little information.

3 weeks ago
girishchandra 3 weeks ago

I have solution of CuNO3 + HNO3 upto 400 liter.
Concentration of CuNO3 in solution is arround 200 gms/liter.
pH of solution is arround 1.
Please help for the process from start to end .

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