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Standard for SX Bench Scale Tests (4 replies)

Ace Levy
9 months ago
Ace Levy 9 months ago

Am looking for a procedure; may I ask if there is a publication of test methods and standards in the solvent extraction industrial?If not, may I ask how I can be sure of the reliability of my tests?

Maya Rothman
9 months ago
Maya Rothman 9 months ago

There is some standard quality test in copper industry, kinetics, separation time, selectivity, BASF has a information about test for LIX products by another hand there are SX simulator for SX circuits too, the scale up works.

Marshal Dienes
9 months ago
Marshal Dienes 9 months ago

There are some simulation methods such as "funnel method". You can use them for your tests.

John Koenig
9 months ago
John Koenig 9 months ago

In the website Cytec/Solvent extraction/download center. There is a PDF document called "ACORGA® Extraction Reagents Standard Test Methods".

Jean Rasczak
9 months ago
Jean Rasczak 9 months ago

The test methods and standards for SX reagents are different, Chelation extractants, Ion-Pair extractants, Organic Acid Extractants and so on. You need to figure out which kind of SX reagent can work in your test. And then find test methods and standard test procedure.

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