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carbon regeneration kiln (2)
carbon regeneration kiln (2)
carbon regeneration kiln
regeneration kiln with fbr burners servicing
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Carbon Regeneration Kiln

Our Custom Rotary Kilns are based around process first and foremost. Designed to ensure correct residence time at hold temperature of 20 minutes -not 10 minutes, they ensure stable progressive feed of your carbon with reliable three zone heating with independent controls, robust thermal lifter designs, co-current movement of reaction products and correct thermal conduction area and bed thickness defining retort size.

In Gold Adsorption carbon activity is your most important factor. Guaranteed 90%+ regeneration activity for fresh carbon.

Rotary Kilns also available for other processes, including uranium pre-drying and roasting, fly-ash treatment, reactivation processes and more.




Carbon Regeneration Kiln Technical Specifications

Feed Rates Available50—1400 kg/hr
Moisture Content50—1400 kg/hr
Steam RequirementNot required (steam generated in carbon regeneration processes by adsorbed moisture)
Feed MechanismVSD driven positive displacement SS304 screw feeder with wedgewire dewatering screen
Pre-drierNot required. Steam is generated by the feed carbon moisture
Steam injectionNot required except for biox of heavy flocculant fouled applications
Retort Tube
  • AISI 321 SS retort
  • Tolerances 0.05% roundness, 0.1% straightness
  • End supported with EN8 casehardened riding and thrust rollers
  • Integral Lifters designed for contraction and expansion of the retort
  • Robust mild steel casing with lightweight ceramic fibre insulation
  • Finished in high temperature silver painted finish
Heating System
  • Three (3) zone thermally heat balanced PID controlled
  • Independent three (3) zone overtemperature shutdown controller
  • Duplex (control and overtemp) thermocouples for each zone control
  • Hearth mounted low temperature shutdown thermocouple

Fuel Fired: Tangentially fired non-impingement design
Packaged FBR LPG/NG or Diesel fired burners

Electric: Dual side hanging heated design
Rescal PRM ‘rapid change’ element design

 Drive SystemTwo independent drive systems for retort:

  • VSD Bonfiglioli Geared Drive with Spragg clutch/chain drive
  • 24V DC Battery Backup Bonfiglioli Drive with 3 phase active monitoring, rotary encoder monitoring and low temperature shutdown
  • Multi-system alarm monitoring and DC battery charging monitoring

Modular Activated Carbon Regeneration Kilnmodular carbon regeneration plant system

modular elution plan view

It’s true to say that few engineering design consultancies are reinventing the wheel when it comes to process design and few remain experts in their field.

By going with an equipment supplier instead, you’re providing your mine with a modular or kit turn-key system saves you time and money! .

You’re also selecting a partner with tried and tested experience. One that can design, manufacture, factory test (FAT), ship to site and assemble and finally commission your system.

One experienced solution provider with knowledge to optimise your gold desorption system through their experiences across.

Modular or kit form Gold Desorption Units (GDU’s) are available with a selection of packaged turn key components comprising systems including:

  •  Elution (Carbon Stripping),
  •  Carbon Regeneration for carbon reactivation,
  •  Gold Refining Plants (Goldrooms),
  •  Fresh Carbon Conditioning fro fines removal,
  •  Carbon Fines Recovery for lowering tails losses,
  •  Water Reclamation (Transfer Water) for water efficiency and,
  •  Gold Sludge Handling and Recovery

All systems can be containerised and shipped anywhere in the world due to proprietary design technology.

Modular Elution Plants are available with the following circuit designs:

  • Atmospheric Zadra Circuit (AZ)
  • Pressure Zadra Circuit (PZ)
  • AARL or Split AARL Circuit
  • Veronika low form (Proprietary)


The elution plants are available in either manual valved operation or full PLC operation and include:

  • Acid wash column with injection manifold and acid dosing pump
  • Thermally lagged elution column
  • Direct or indirect fuel fired or electric eluate heating circuits
  • Skid mounted thermally lagged reagent tank(s)
  • Relay or PLC based control system (standard Allen Bradley)
  • Electrowinning cells located in secured room
  • Switch mode high power factor rectifiers
  • Interconnecting Piping and Instrumentation

Available in strip capacities from:    1 tonne – 10 tonnes of carbon


The regeneration plants are available in either manual valve or full PLC operation and include:

  • Horizontal fuel fired or electric regeneration kiln
  • Pressurised or eductor based carbon quench tank
  • Elevated or floor mounted regeneration kiln structure
  • Carbon feed hopper
  • Barren carbon dewatering screen
  • Dry or wet carbon sizing screen
  • Local relay based control system or PLC control with touchscreen
  • Interconnecting Piping and Instrumentation

Available in sizes from:    50 kg/hr to 1 tonne/hr

Goldroom module

The goldrooms are structurally fabricated secure rooms for housing all the required equipment for gold barring and include:

  • Pendant controlled field fired gold barring furnaces complete with extraction system
  • Calcine or Drying Ovens with extraction system
  • Gold Dore Safe
  • Work and scales benches
  • Tooling (needle guns, polishing/buffing equipment/drill presses etc.)
  • Optional security monitoring system pre-fitted

Fresh Carbon Conditioning

Comprises an agitated conical bottom vessel with transfer eductor, fresh carbon feed chute and electric monorail for supply of the carbon to your elution system. Gentle agitation reduces the carbon fines introduced into your CIL/CIP system


Used in conjunction with the Transfer Water System, this system recovers carbon fines with high gold bearing loads from the transfer water assisting to reduce the high (up to 50g/t loss) carbon losses experienced in the CIL plant.


This system recovers hydraulic transfer used for carbon movement around the circuit. Hydraulic transfer rather than impeller pumps reduces attrition of the carbon extending your carbon life and lowering solids to tails. The transfer water recovery system incorporates a large transfer water vessel with a transfer water pump system providing water for carbon transfer around the plant.


This sludge recovery equipment aides in the recovery of gold sludges when stainless steel mesh cathode wire is used in the electrowinning cells rather than the traditional mild steel wool where gold is plated to the wool. Sludges and gold fines are collected and dried to a cake suitable for post thermal drying prior to being smelted in the barring furnace.

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