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This cutting mill crushes materials with the assistance of screen to required uniform particles and less powder by the principle of cutting and squeezing. Compared with the traditional impact crusher, the angle cutting crusher can be used as a powerful tool for the pre-processing of crushing and meanwhile meet the requirements to uniformity of crushing particle size in the fields such as extraction pre-processing, production of herbal tea, and so on. With selected cutters and corresponding supporting shaft, a cutting mill can be also used as an excellent plastic crusher for pre-treatment in the plastic manufacturing industry. So it plays an important role in the primary treatment of plastic waste and electronic scrap for environmental protection.



The cutting mill is a device that uses the interaction between movable knives and fixed knives to break materials into granules by cutting, impacting, squeezing, and other methods. It consists of a feed inlet, crushing chamber, collector, and so on. The materials enter the crushing chamber from the feeding port and then are crushed by the high-speed rotating moving knives and stationary fixed knives. After being sorted by the screen, the final particles fall into the collector and the whole crushing process is done.

  • The strong crushing ability offers excellent performance for the wide application of materials.
  • Various screen sizes provide different final particle sizes of materials.
  • Full-width manganese-chrome alloy hammerheads crush materials in full section and avoid problems of blocking working cavity and sample holdup.
  • Durability design provides a long lifetime and low maintenance.
  • Low noise supplies friendly operation environment.
  • No vibration offers perfect operation and performance.
  • With casters for convenient use.
  • An optional dusting machine is available for a better operational environment.

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Cutting Mill Discharge Screen
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Knife inside a Cutting Mill
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