Electric Melting Furnace

Electric Melting Furnace

This is our industrial size electric melting furnace for non-ferrous metals such as Copper alloys, Aluminium, Zinc, Silver, Gold.

  • HEATING ELEMENTS: our standard is FeAlCr (2,300°F). These coil elements are winded up around a ceramic tube for support. It gives a better heat distribution because all the surface of the elements is in contact with air. We use low-density elements which offer a longer lifetime.
    For copper alloys, we use Silicon Carbide (SiC) elements for higher power and temperature (2,550°F).
  • QUALITY INSULATION: 7” of insulation; 4 ½” thick low-density refractory bricks (rated 2,600°F) and 2 ½” fibreboard (mineral fibre rated 1,900°F). At the bottom, underneath the crucible, we use castable and refractory bricks together.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER C/W HI-LIMIT OVERSHOOT PROTECTION: our standard controller is Watlow Ez-Zone PM6 (1/16 DIN).
  • canada manufacturerHI-LIMIT OVERSHOOT PROTECTION: this device will shut the furnace when the preset temperature is exceeded. A reset button has to be pressed by the operator in order to get the furnace to heat up again.
  • QUIET OPERATION: the electric version is much quieter than the gas version. The gas version includes noisy equipment; air combustion blower, gas nozzle, etc.
  • TO EMPTY THE MELTING FURNACE: two different versions are available; the tilting version which tilts with the use of hydraulic cylinders. With the stationary Version, an operator needs to use a ladle to take the metal in fusion and pour it into moulds.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: these furnaces are “plug and play”. The customer needs to install the crucible, connect the electricity supply (or gas) and go through “Initial firing schedule” of the operation manual supplied with every unit.1-year-warranty
  • HOW TO OPEN THE FURNACE: the furnace was designed with a lever very easy to operate. To move the cover, lift the lever and push it sideways (swing top cover with lateral displacement).
  • CRUCIBLE: our standard is SiC. Other materials are available.

Note: this is our standard design. We can adapt standard models to accommodate your customer’s requirements.



These are approximate temperatures (degrees F) for your information only:

Aluminium: Melting point: 1,250
Pouring point: 1,400
 metal refining melting furnace
 Gold: Melting point: 1,950
Pouring point: 2,150
 Silver: Melting point: 1,775
Pouring point: 1,950
 Zinc: Melting point: 780
Pouring point: 900
 Copper: Melting point: 1,980
Pouring point: 2,200
This furnace has a capacity of 2,000 lbs. Isolated with ceramic fiber, it is equipped with silicon carbide heating elements and an optional hydraulic activated cover. See the last page for more information on the FCBC 320 model.

We have developed a wide range of melting furnaces either stationary or tilting that can be used for melting non ferrous metals. All our products are designed according to high quality standards.


STATIONARY MELTING FURNACEelectric melting furnace (4)



Stationary or Tilting Melting Furnaces

High Quality Products


Our melting furnaces are manufactured with the best materials. Fe Al Cr elements of our aluminium melting furnaces are supported by ceramic tubes for a better heat distribution and a longer lifetime of the element. To melt copper alloys our furnaces are equipped with silicon carbide elements.

The excellent insulation of our furnaces is ensured by seven inches of insulated brick. This high quality insulation allows a better heat and energy distribution, which improves the crucible life expectancy.

All our furnaces come with a digital indicating controller allowing to reach and maintain a precise temperature. Our electric furnaces are silent and make no combustion fumes.

Our melting furnaces are designed for an intensive and continuous use. They offer very good melting capacity and low operating costs.

A Melting Furnace that’s easy to Operate

Whether you choose the stationary or tilting type, our melting furnaces are easy to install. At delivery, the control system is already in place. With no special foundation required, our furnaces are operational in a couple of hours. Furthermore, the crucible can be replaced easily. We design melting furnaces that can simply be integrated to your production.tilting_melting_furnace

Electric Melting Furnace Features

  • Fe Al Cr heating elements for the melting of aluminium (maximum temperature of 2300°F/1260°C)
  • Silicon carbide elements for the melting of copper alloys (maximum temperature of 2550°F/1400°C)
  • Excellent brick insulation
  • Uniform heating for an extended life of the crucible
  • Digital indicating controller
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Easy replacement of the crucible
  • Swing top cover with lateral displacement

The hourly melting capacity depends on external factors that are independent to the furnace design such as the type of alloys to be melt and how the crucible will be filled up. Therefore, the melting capacities are just approximate.

This model is equipped with ceramic fiber insulation and silicon carbide heating elements.

  • We improve our products continuously and may change the specifications without notice.

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