Electrowinning Rectifier

ISM Series switch mode rectifiers feature the latest advances in Italian switch mode technology, offering superior performance in an extremely small package compared to traditional transformer based SCR rectifiers, freeing up on space and saving on energy costs.

In addition these Electroplating rectifiers provide substantial power savings, with ISM series rectifiers having super-fast response time and high-power factor (>0.9), very low current ripple and high stability to load variations.

ISM series rectifiers are software controlled and modular in design, allowing for many different options to ensure your rectifier best suits your process. The ISM series can be linked together with up to 4 units all operated from one controller when equipped with one of the optional Devicenet, Profinet, Modbus or Ethernet IP based communication cards, allowing these systems to best fit your current system architecture while offering upgradeability at minimal cost for future expansion.

ISM series Electrowinning rectifiers are designed specifically to meet the harsh conditions typical in mining environments. ISM series rectifiers are self-contained units that are engineered to meet IP54 and thrive in both hot and cold environments to 50°C.

ISM series rectifiers are equipped to deliver 0-5V or 0-10 VDC voltage or current control with ranges from 0 to 1020A, 1530A, 2550A and 3570A. Other output voltages are available on request.

electrowinning rectifier

ISM series rectifiers, take advantage of clever design and advances in technology, are competively priced and available in short leadtimes if not available in stock.

A wide range of accessories are available, including a remote-control panel equipped with a 3 channel 4-20 mA IO for remote PLC control.

Rectifiers are available in design specifications to comply with CSA UL and CE standards.



Means Industrial Switch Mode, which is a type of electrical rectification rather than using thyristor control and diodes in the rectifier (which is old school SCR type rectifiers). This makes them more compact.

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