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Elution, Acid Wash & Carbon Transfer Vessels

Our Elution and Acid Wash columns are optimally designed for plug flow of eluate or fresh water for eluting gold cyanide complexes from activated carbon recovered from CIP/CIL gold adsorption circuits.

Designed and constructed to a range of available pressure vessel codes, including ASME VIII, EN13445, B51-14 or AS1210, the vessels can be manufactured from carbon steel boiler plate for Pressure Zadra applications, or higher grade SS316 or SAF 2205 duplex stainless steels for specialist applications where dual elution/acid washing capabilities are required. Available with semi-ellipsoidal or torospherical dished ends,or alternatively cone base for reduced column base transfer wear.

The vessels are equipped with flanged integral Johnson screens on the inlets and outlets, allowing for easy removal of the filters to remove any entrapped sand, organics or plastics.

Vessel supports can be adjusted to suit clients existing structures or can be provided in a self contained support structure which can be transported in standard sea containers to their final destinations. Vessel aspect ratios are design specifically for the specific elution process.

The elution vessels are externally primed with in encapsulated inorganic zinc silicate before being wrapped in 50mm thermally insulating Superwool fibre and clad with stainless steel lagging.

The Acid Wash vessel are provided either in SAF2205 form or rubber lined carbon steel. Carbon steel acid vessels are externally painted with two pack hard epoxy coated for enhanced weathering resistance and are rubber lined with high quality 6mm Bromo Butyl rubber.

Also available in regeneration carbon transfer/quench vessel designs.



Technical Specifications & Features

  • Design Codes: AS1210, EN 13445, B51-14, AS1210
  • Pressure rating: 650 kPa
  • Design Temperature: 150°C
  • Materials: Carbon Steel Boiler Plate, Stainless Steel Grade 316 or SAF 2205 Duplex Steels
  • Protection: Rupture Disc or Toscana Relief Valve selection


Elution Columns

Inorganic zinc silicate (carbon steel)

No surface protection (SS316 or SAF 2205)

Acid Wash Columns

Inorganic zinc silicate/two pack epoxy (carbon steel)

No surface protection (SAF 2205)


Elution Columns


Acid Wash Columns

6mm Bromo Butyl Rubber (carbon steel)

Optional lining (SAF 2205)


Elution Columns

50mm Superwool fibre insulation

SS316 rolled and riveted cladding

Acid Wash Columns



Elution Columns

Internal candle SS316 wedgewire screens with integral flange/handle arrangement

Acid Wash Columns

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