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  • 5-inch-gold-dredge (2)5-inch-gold-dredge (2)
    5-inch-gold-dredge (2) 5-inch-gold-dredge (2)
    Our 5" gold dredge always has been popular with dredgers who were looking for the perfect balance of portability with higher productivity. Smaller dredges simply can't process as much gravel and the larger dredges require more effort to get into those more remote areas where the richer gold deposits are. This is why the 5" dredge size is normally the smallest dredge chosen by the serious prospectors and professional dredgers. usa manufacturer Our standard twin engine model is aimed toward the more serious dredger and offers the most suction power of any 5" dredge in its class. Powered by two Honda GX160 engines, and our proven HP350 pumps, the latest option on the twin engine model is to equip it with dual Honda GX200 engines and our impressive HP400 pumps for even greater power, making it ideal for higher altitudes or for extra deep dredging. This dredge is easier to refuel and start due to the location of the pumps and the two smaller, lighter power plants are easier to handle than the larger single engine/pump package. The twin engine model is also capable of driving an additional air compressor should the need arise. Proline also offers a single engine dredge design to provide a choice to our well established twin engine platform. The single engine dredge is slightly lighter and lower in cost than the twin engine model and is directed more toward the enthusiast who may not have the need for the additional power and portability of the twin. The single is powered by a Honda GX270 engine and our HP500 pump. This engine/pump combination provides for excellent suction power and can potentially offer better fuel consumption over a twin engine dredge that is being operated at full throttle. WORKHORSES THAT OFFER EXCELLENT RECOVERY WHILE LIGHTWEIGHT AND SIMPLE TO ADJUST.
    1. 5" Gold Dredge w/Honda GX270 & HP500 pump & T-80 (Shown)
    2. 5" Gold Dredge w/Honda GX270 & HP500 pump & PCA10 (Option): $6,600
    3. 5" Gold Dredge w/(2) Honda GX160s & (2) HP350 pumps & T-80 (Option): $7,000
    4. 5" Gold Dredge w/(2) Honda GX200s & (2) HP400 pumps & T-80 (Option): $7,300
    5. 5" Gold Dredge w/(2) Honda GX200s & (2) HP400 pumps & PCA10 (Option): $7,600
  • 6ft_dredge_016ft_dredge_01
    6ft_dredge_01 6ft_dredge_01
    Our 6" gold dredge is one of our personal favourites. It is relatively lightweight and can be transported and assembled with little more effort than that required  for a 5" dredge, yet, it is capable of processing several times more material than those smaller dredges. The 6" dredge is ideally suited for use as an exploration and sampling unit for larger mining projects and is also capable of being the primary source of gold recovery in smaller operations. In our opinion, the 6" is the largest dredge that can be effectively operated by one man, however, a two-man team would allow the dredge to be used to its  fullest potential.usa manufacturer This gold dredge offers excellent gold recovery just like our other products, and cleanup is quick and easy for a minimum of down time. This dredge has earned a solid reputation for performance and dependability. These commercial quality machines are currently being operated with great results in North America, South America, Africa, and throughout the Pacific. CAPABLE OF PROCESSING SEVERAL TIMES MORE MATERIAL THAN OUR SMALLER DREDGES
    1. 6" Gold Dredge w/(2) Honda GX270s & (2) HP500 pumps, swivel tip & T-80 (Shown)
    2. 6" Gold Dredge w/(2) Honda GX270s & (2) HP500 pumps, swivel tip & PCA10 (Option): $10,300
  • gold-dredge-9-1h.d.-6-dredge-01-1
    gold-dredge-9-1 h.d.-6-dredge-01-1
    The Commercial and ultra Modern 6 inch Gold Dredge sit on a frame that is 87'' wide x 178'' long and it weighs in at 1,350 lbs.  This 6" dredge has an associated sluice box that measures 22'' in width internally x 120'' long. The 6 inch gold dredge is powered by (2) 9 HP Honda engines and our HP500 pumps.usa manufacturer Available with options, like:
    • diver's ladder,
    • canopy,
    • outboard hose support,
    • longer dredge hoses,
    • and over-sized engine/pump packages for deep water use.
    H.D. Heavy Duty and High Performance.
  • 8-dredge-18-inch-gold-dredge
    8-dredge-1 8-inch-gold-dredge
    For sale is this Commercial 8 inch Gold Dredge which sits on an 87'' wide x 178'' long frame and weighs in at 1,800 lbs. It sluice box is 26'' wide internally x 144'' long. The 8" is powered by (2) Honda 23 HP engines and our new HP800 pumps.usa manufacturer Options:
    • diver's ladder,
    • canopy,
    • outboard hose support,
    • longer dredge hoses,
    • over-sized engine/pump packages for deep water use, etc.
    H.D. stands for ''heavy duty''. In the case of our HP series water pumps, it stands for ''high performance'' This dredge will move about 8 cubic yards/hour of average river bed material.

Suction Gold dredging is another mining method commonly used In this drainage. The suction dredging season generally is from mid June until late September. Commercial operators dredge between 60 and 90 days per season. Most large suction dredge operations employ one submerged operator and a person on the dredge. The submerged operator works in deep water upstream of the Gold dredge. Suction is produced by pumping water through a nozzle at high pressure. The dredge sucks gravel, sand, and rocks off the river bottom and discharges the slurry into a sluicebox. A flexible plastic hose with an intake nozzle is directed at the riverbed deposition while the floating dredge train downstream. The dredge works much like a vacuum cleaner as the operator moves the nozzle in a sweeping motion upstream. Large materials are worked around or moved aside by the submerged operator to avoid plugging the hose. Gravel and water are washed through a sluicebox on the dredge, and gold and black sand are concentrated in the riffles.

Suction Gold dredges discharge tailings and process water directly into the live stream without water water treatment. A sediment plume may extend downstream 25-100 ft but is quickly dissipated. Sand and cobbles are mixed and deposited on existing tailings, effectively reducing downstream migration of most settleable and suspended solids. For environmental regulatory purposes, most suction dredges fall into the category of “non commercial mines”, which are those that process less than 20 cubic yards per day. Tailings left by the dredge vary in width and height, and partially fill the cut where materials were removed by the nozzle. In most areas, dredgers work in deeper water where tailings are not visible, and are not exposed during low water. Suction Gold dredge tailings are not reclaimed by the operator during or after operations. High water generally redistributes the tailings, usually within a year of dredging, depending on the frequency and severity of high water events.

Suction dredges are operated in open, moving water near the shore within the first 25% of the available water column’s width, where the machine and the diving operator are surrounded by water. As water levels drop, dredging operations move toward midstream Water levels, clarity, volume, and velocity dictate where and when the suction dredge can operate. The submerged Gold dredge operator must have good visibility to mine efficiently and safely. Some areas can only be mined during periods of low water.

As the submerged operator follows the gold bearing deposit depth of the cut, material size, sweep width, water depth, and velocity all control the total area worked. For estimates of area and volume of riverbed materials processed by suction dredges. The high shore area below the vegetation line is usually dredged during breakup in June or other high water events. Mining above the vegetation line along the shore has occurred in the past, but is currently reduced by dropping water levels and miner education. Some recreational miners visiting the river for a limited period may find water levels too high to mine the lower shore-lands and may resort to mining the upper shore and Into the vegetation.

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