Hammer Mill Grinding – 2″ to 6″ Moist Material


A Hammer mill for grinding moist material.

  • 1-year-warrantySuited for both stalk type fiber material (straws of wheat, rice, barley, bamboo and straw) and mineral type granular material (example: coal or charcoal)
  • Welded steel crushing cavity can avoid easy crack and material holdup problems.
  • Fully sealed cabinet design offers safe and dust free operation.
  • Full width hammer heads crush materials in full section and avoid problems of blocking working cavity and sample holdup.
  • Crushing large moist samples without moisture lose and with uniform output and high efficiency.
  • china manufacturerPlug-in sieve plates ensure convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Optional built-in sample divider increases sampling accuracy.
  • Low noise and easy moving with wheels.


hammer mill grinding performance data

hammer mill grinding

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