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  • knife mill 8knife mill 11
    knife mill 8 knife mill 11
    Our standard unit is ideal for reducing medium to soft materials such as grass, pellets, compressed fibers, straw, peat, husks, feed-stuffs, spices, hops, wood, tobacco, paper, soft ore etc. It comes with 3 adjustable knives which can be re-sharpened when needed. The easy to remove screens are available in various sizes to satisfy any mesh requirements. It is a heavy- duty constructed unit that is designed to be basically maintenance-free. The sample container is simple to remove and replace and a manual on/off switch and overload protection included. We also have a Miniature Soft Material Grinder which is ideal for grinding soil, clay, earth material, soft coal, etc. It is supplied with a dual stage feeding hopper designed to eliminate dust from escaping. Its grinding chamber is 5” (127 mm) diameter x 3” (76 mm) deep. It has a grinding capacity of between 20 and 200 grams. It has a manual on/off switch.
  • laboratory grinding mill (8)laboratory grinding mill (5)
    laboratory grinding mill (8) laboratory grinding mill (5)
    canada manufacturerOur Laboratory Grinding Mill comes standard with a 1 HP motor and optional variable speed drive ranging from 1 to 100 RPM. This Grinding Mill is fully enclosed with sound dampening material for a quiet workplace. The sheet metal steel fabrication provides full enclosure around the main frame and door. The yoke (grinding cylinder) is totally balance and vibration-free in its horizontal position of operation. Minimal effort is needed to swing it from horizontal to vertical position (loading/unloading). A unique feature this grinding mill has is the possibility to use different cylinders for research or pilot plants tests. Specifically, we offer different size of cylinders from 5” (127mm) inside diameter by 12” (305mm) long to 9” (229mm) diameter by 22” (560mm) long. All grinding mill's cylinders are fully interchangeable and can be mounted/ removed rapidly. The cover is of a unique design that automatically seals the cylinder and is quickly mounted/removed. Another feature of this Grinding Mill are its heavy duty castors (wheels) for ease of laboratory movement/mobility. This mill is available with either a tilt up or sliding lid, both types are fully enclosed for noise suppression. This large batch ergonomic grinding mill or offered with either balls or rods (SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • small ball mill for sale (1)small ball mill for sale (3)
    small ball mill for sale (1) small ball mill for sale (3)
    The 911MPETMMBM small ball mill has a variable speed motor ranging from 50 to 500 RPM. Its grinding chamber dimensions are 60mm diameter x 130mm long. This Mini Small Ball Mill offers:canada manufacturer
    • Grinding chamber dimensions 60mm diameter x 130mm long or similar sizes to suit your applications
    • Grinding capacity 300ml
    • Includes stainless steel balls
    • Variable speed motor from 50 to 500 RPM
    • This ball mill features are customizable to suit your needs
    • The encumbrance space required is 16" L x 16"W x 16"H.
    • It weights 68 lbs.
  • jar mill (5)jar mill (1)
    jar mill (5) jar mill (1)

    Jar Mill

    Our line of jar mills come as bench-top or floor-mounted. Grind you laboratory samples wet or dry, no matter.
  • mini ball mill grinding mill (1)mini ball mill grinding mill (2)
    mini ball mill grinding mill (1) mini ball mill grinding mill (2)
    The 911MPE-GM2024 is a mini but continuous grinding mill (8" diameter X 9 5/8" long) with an approximate capacity of 3 to 10 Kg/Hr (dependent on feed size and hardness).
    • 75 mm diameter x 800 mm Long spiral classifier with tilt regulation from 16 to 22 degree
    • 200 mm Diameter X 240 mm Long Grinding Mill which can be used as Ball Mill or Rod Mill
    • Mill Motor Power of 1.03kW
    • Feed Ore is pre-crushed to 1.5 mm
    This ultra small scale grinding mill can function as a primary ball mill or rod mill for or mini flotation plant or as a regrind mill if your pilot plant is built using our larger primary mill and flotation machines.
  • mini grinding ball millmini roller ball mill
    mini grinding ball mill mini roller ball mill
    canada manufacturerOur mini ball mills are perfect for piloting regrind applications or ultra low capacity mineral processing test plants.
    • Sizes 8″ x 8″ to 12″ x 24″ (ball and rod mill)
    • Mild steel construction
    • Flanged heads
    • Bronze trunnion bearings (oil-lubricated)
    • Replaceable trunnion liners
    • Replaceable one-piece steel liner with integral lifters
    • V-belt drive
    • OSHA-type drive guard
    • Modular frame
    • Feed spout
    • Discharge trommel
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Urethane or rubber-lined
    • Variable-speed drive
    • Casters for portability
  • rhdrplanetary_ball_mill
    rhdr planetary_ball_mill
    A Planetary Ball Mill for rapid fine crushing of soft, hard, brittle and fibrous material to end fineness <1µm
    • Quick and easy to cleaneurope manufacturer
    • Rapid fine crushing
    • Easy exchange of grinding jars and balls
    • Grinding jars and balls made from a wide range of materials available
    • Grinding jar volume up to 500cc
    • Progr. controlchina manufacturer
    • End fineness < 1µm
    • CE-certified


    Planetary Ball Mills for fine grinding of soft, hard to brittle or fibrous materials The 911MPEPB500 Planetary Ball Mills are used for fine grinding of soft, hard to brittle or fibrous materials. Dry and wet grindings are possible. They support the daily sample preparation for laboratory- and development usage.
  • laboratory sag mill (2)laboratory sag mill (1)
    laboratory sag mill (2) laboratory sag mill (1)
    A small laboratory SAG mill sized to your specifications for in-house Semi-Autogenous Grindability / Comminution testing.Ore Hardness Grindability Test The design shown here (customisable) is 12” x 4” with welded in 1” lifter bars. A typical Batch SAG Mill, 12” diameter X 4” long, mild steel construction complete with one removable head, welded in lifters, rubber lined, 1 HP motor/gear reducer drive, support frame which allows the mill to tilt for loading and discharging (manual operation), receiving pan, and variable speed drive.
  • laboratory jar roll grinding mill (6)regring-laboratory-ball-mill-on-rollers
    laboratory jar roll grinding mill (6) regring-laboratory-ball-mill-on-rollers
    canada manufacturer This jar mill can be used as a Laboratory Bench-top Grinding Ball Mill or Rod Mill for the comminution of small samples, typically under 1 kg, for flotation tests or leach test.
    • Ball: 7 5/8″ diameter x 6 3/4″ length (inner)
    • Rod: 7 5/8″ diameter  x 9 3/8″ length (inner)
    • Mild steel construction1-year-warranty
    • Removable lid
    • Bayonet-type lid closure
    • Oversized rubber gasket
      Optional Roller Station

      Optional Roller Station

    • Welded in lifter bars
    • Machined rolling rings
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Urethane or rubber-lined
    • Rolls
    • Grinding balls or rods
  • laboratory ball mill (1)small-batch-laboratory-grinding-mill-rod-ball (1)
    laboratory ball mill (1) small-batch-laboratory-grinding-mill-rod-ball (1)
    Here is a convertible laboratory ore grinding mill. Use it as a Lab Ball Mill if you like over-grinding or a Rod Mill if you prefer selective milling.
    • Sizes 8″ x 8″ to 8″ x 16″ (ball and rod)
    • Extra Large Batch 12" x 15" (10 kilo ore load) canada manufacturer
    • Mild steel construction
    • Cantilever design
    • Integral lifters
    • Bayonet-type lid closure
    • Rubber seal gaskets
    • Wash screen
    • Motor/reducer and v-belt drive
    • OSHA-type drive guard
    • Portable steel frame
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Urethane or rubber-lined
    • Variable-speed drive
    • Safety cage
    • Ball or rod charge
  • test bond rod mill manufacturer (2)bond rod work index test mill
    test bond rod mill manufacturer (2) bond rod work index test mill
    canada manufacturer Bond Rod Index Mill, 12” x 24” consisting of a one (1) piece cast shell complete with integral wave, 1 Hp 3/60/220 volt motor/gear reducer drive, support frame which allows the mill to tilt +/- 5 degrees during operation and 45 degrees for discharge (manual operation), receiving pan, rod charge and control panel complete with digital revolution counter, start/stop buttons and emergency stop button.1-year-warranty
  • bond work index test ball millbond ball mill
    bond work index test ball mill bond ball mill
    canada manufacturerA Bond Ball Mill, 12” x 12” of fabricated construction comes with electric motor and gear reducer drive, digital counter, jogging button to provide positioning of drum for loading and unloading, emergency stop button, 44 ½ lb ball charge, stand and receiving pan. Perform Fred C. Bond's grindability tests with this standard BWi test ball mill.1-year-warranty  
  • olympus digital camera
    The FC Bond Work Index Test Ball Mill was designed by F. C. Bond for use in determining the Bond Index, a measure of grindability and power required for grinding applications. The FC Bond Mills are used in laboratories throughout the world. A copy of Fred C. Bond's Method of Crushing and Grinding for determination of the Bond Index is included with each mill. This mill can be used to calculate the grindability of all ores. usa manufacturerThis Ball Mill can be used in to grind for a period of time, if plugged into a lab timer, or it can be used for any number of revolutions, according to the type of grind desired. The FC Bond ball Mill comes with table stand (pictured), motor, clutch, revolution counter, motor starter* and controls, 12" machined steel drum, 44-1/2 pounds of steel balls (Bond Index test), receiving pan and hand screen pan. Our Bond mill is guaranteed to have internal mill dimensions within 0.10” of the 12” x 12” as specified by Mr. Bond. This is important, because the original bond mill was within these specifications and all data derived by Fred Bond was derived from a mill with his specifications
  • los_angeles_abrasion_testing_machine_001los_angeles_abrasion_machine
    los_angeles_abrasion_testing_machine_001 los_angeles_abrasion_machine
    This Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is designed to conform to ASTM C131, C535 and AASHTO T96. These methods cover the procedure for testing crushed rock, crushed slag, un-crushed and crushed gravel for resistance to abrasion in the Los Angeles Testing Machine with an abrasive charge. This machine can be used for determining the abrasion limits given in ASTM C33.europe manufacturer
    • Equipped with an automatic digital counter
    • Solid acoustic noise reduction cabinet, conforming to CE safety regulations
    • Set of 12 abrasive charges
    • Cylinder rotates at 31-33 rpm
  • batch_ball_millclosed_laboratory_test_ball_mill
    batch_ball_mill closed_laboratory_test_ball_mill
    The 911MPELMBM-150 is a process and laboratory machine, which is suitable for milling and homogenising soft, fibrous, hard and brittle materials in the dry and wet state.europe manufacturer The ball/rod mill is designed to accept a ball/rod charge to 30% of the total volume. The barrel is charged with balls/rods and sample and allowed to grind for the desired time. The milling chamber of the 911MPELMBM-150 is surrounded by a safety cabinet, with a safety locking system.
  • inside_the_lab_ball_milllaboratory_rod_mill
    inside_the_lab_ball_mill laboratory_rod_mill
    The 21 Liter (5 gallon) 911METALLURGY  911MPE21BM dual function Laboratory Rod Mill / Ball Mill is designed to meet the industrial requirements to grind coal, cement and a wide variety of ores. The dual duty Laboratory Grinding Mill consists of a gear motor mounted on a high precision solid steel underframe complete with outlet funnel and a set of separation screens plus sample collector.europe manufacturer A Laboratory Rod Mill OR Ball Mill for large capacity fine milling up to 21 litre vessel.
    • Easy convertible to a Rod Mill
    • Variable speed setting
    • Variable volumes on request
    • Drums, balls and rods available in different materials
    • Easy tilt function to empty the barrel
  • pilot plant grinding circuitpilot plant rod mill
    pilot plant grinding circuit pilot plant rod mill
    china manufacturer The 911MPEPPGR426 is a small 300 kilo to 3.5 ton per 24 hour day capacity grinding mill acting primarily as a rod mill but can effortlessly be converted to a ball mill. Thanks to the integrated spiral classifier, it forms an easy to operate closed-circuit grinding plant. It includes a fine ore hopper, vibrating feeder and starter rod load. It is the perfect small grinding circuit for pilot plant operations or small micro mining. Under specific conditions, it will grind finely crushed ( -6mm) ore to 75 microns. This is a Dual Media mill (rod or ball).1-year-warranty This continuous grinding mill is offered as a rod mill or ball mill of 420 mm X 600 mm (17" X 24") or as a grate discharge ball mill of 420 mm X 450 mm (17" X 18").

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