Large Commercial 8″ Gold Dredge

Large Commercial 8″ Gold Dredge

For sale is this Commercial 8 inch Gold Dredge which sits on an 87” wide x 178” long frame and weighs in at 1,800 lbs. It sluice box is 26” wide internally x 144” long. The 8″ is powered by (2) Honda 23 HP engines and our new HP800 pumps.usa manufacturer


  • diver’s ladder,
  • canopy,
  • outboard hose support,
  • longer dredge hoses,
  • over-sized engine/pump packages for deep water use, etc.

H.D. stands for ”heavy duty”. In the case of our HP series water pumps, it stands for ”high performance”

This dredge will move about 8 cubic yards/hour of average river bed material.



We normally equip the 8” Dredge with 1 x PCA10 air compressor. However, we can easily add another compressor to the other engine. The standard dredge hose length is 25ft. We provide our Pro Series swivel tip with suction breaking door as well. The dredge hose attaches to the power jet with our ”sure flow” hose coupling. It’s a quick disconnect fitting that also serves to help eliminate surface rock jams. We were the originators of the over-sized, non-clogging power jet.

The intake, or ”foot valve” hoses, are 4ft and 5ft. The hoses that supply water from the pumps to the power jet are both 7.5ft and include threaded brass fittings. The aluminium fuel tank holds 12 gallons. We also provide a battery and through-frame wiring to the electric starters. No exposed wiring.

Options include a large, all weather canopy and diver’s ladder.

Other options and accessories:

  • PCA10 air compressor
  • Diver’s ladders – The ladder makes it possible to get on and off the dredge while wearing a heavy weight belt and diving gear
  • H.D. dredge canopies – These are large canopies mounted on very sturdy frames
  • Spares kit – Consisting of pump seals, compressor drive belts, and spare nuts, bolts, and washers
  • H.D. diver 30′ air breathing ”hookah” kits¬† – These kits provide the diver with everything necessary to work under water. You’ll receive the stainless steel reserve tanks, all necessary air lines, safety harnesses, regulators w/mouthpieces, and quick disconnect air fittings
  • Wetsuits
  • Dive masks
  • Dive hoods
  • Bottles of ear drying aid – Helps prevent bacterial ear infections
  • H.D. weight belts –¬†400 lbs of lead dive weights – Each diver requires 1/4th to 1/3rd of his body weight in lead to hold him to the river bottom
  • Crevice flushers and hoses – The flusher is essential for cleaning bedrock
  • Tool box – You’ll need tools to assemble and maintain the dredges.
  • 14” & 17″ gold pans
  • Classifying sieve sets
  • Dredging tool ”kits” – Includes pry bars, hammers, chisels, and rock picks.

gold dredge air compressor

PCA10 oil-less air compressors are built to withstand the most rugged operating conditions with corrosion-resistant materials used for critical internal parts. Ring design provides consistent flows throughout the service life of the unit.

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