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  • cupellation furnace (2)cupellation furnace
    cupellation furnace (2) cupellation furnace
    Our newest model modular midsize kiln has a chamfered chamber, to accommodate a #12 Mabor Cupel, with which you will cupel the lead from a lead prill, after first performing a fire assay, thus ending up with whatever precious metal is in your ore.
    Please note: this kiln is not for melting or smelting. It is only for cupelling.
    • Height: 6″
    • Width: 6″ Diameter
    • Chamber: 3.5″ Diameter x 3.25″ Tall
    • Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz
    • Stainless Steel Exterior
    • Modular Design
    • Propane Fired: Requires (2) 6000 BTU Propane Torches; Bernzomatic TS4000 or equivalent
    • Alumina Refractory Interior is safe for up to 2300° Fahrenheitusa manufacturer
    Kit Includes:
    • Kiln with clay cupel pedestal
    • (4) #12 Mabor cupels
    • 8″ bent tongs
    • Fire Assay book
    • Liner Maintenance Kit
    • Instructions Manual
  • fire assay furnace (4)cupellation-furnace-30
    fire assay furnace (4) cupellation-furnace-30
    china manufacturer This 50 place cupellation furnace is electrically powers by a 10500 Watt heating element allowing it to reach and hold a temperature of 1200 degrees C (2200 F). With a working area of 45 cm deep X 25 cm wide X 14.5 cm tall, this furnace will hold 50 x 6A, 7A or 7AS cupels.
  • barring furnace (3)barring furnace (1)
    barring furnace (3) barring furnace (1)
    Our fuel fired barring furnace technology with which balances the weight of the upper pivoted furnace weight, resulting in reduced toque demand during furnace tilting. Reduced torque curve means reduced drive jitter and better pouring control. This means smaller torque worm gear drives and more accurate tilting control. Available with VSD worm gear drive or higher tech servo motor drive technology. Features also include horizontal crucible loading and pivoted lid opening. No more vertical loading of heavy handle-less crucibles under that annoyingly positioned furnace hood. Ideal for use with our FEMS high capture rate, low profile extraction systems. DESIGN
    • Unique patented linear spiral counterweight technology for balancing empty furnace body
    • Hinged furnace lid with horizontal loading design of crucible
    • Worm gear electric motor drive standard
    • Optional servo motor drive control for enhanced tiling control
    • Steel constructed welded body
    • SS304 rolled and welded furnace body
    • LBK26 insulating lining on furnace body rated to 1450 °C
    • Cast insulating refractory on lid
    • VSD pendant control with forward, reverse tilt and speed potentiometer
    • Tilt position interlock limits
    • Burner two stage switching or modulating control with high temperature alarm limit
    • Power and Burner on illuminating lights
    • Pendant controlled rotary position dial for servo drive technology only
    • Flue gas temperature sensing with digital display. Sacrificial immersion probe available on request.
    • Cascade Table/Trolley
    • Crucible Loading Lift Table
    • TPX843 crucible rather than AX300
    • FEMS dynamic modelled extraction hood systems
    • Servo Drive
  • assay-furnace-1assay-furnace
    assay-furnace-1 assay-furnace
    This 25 place fusion (assay) furnace is electrically powers by a 24000 Watt heating element allowing it to reach and hold a temperature of 1200 degrees C (2200 F).china manufacturer With a working area of 56 cm deep X 59 cm wide X 19.5 cm tall, this furnace will hold:
    • 25 x 50 or 65 grams crucibles
    • 42 x 30, 40 or 55 grams crucibles
  • fire assay kit
    This Beginners FIRE ASSAY KIT has as equipment required to help miners with their laboratory startup. Probably the most important factor of success in prospecting and gold recovery mill operation is the number of assay completed - you can do 6 assays at a time with this Kit. At one time, fire assaying was a deep dark secret. Now in this modern world, education can be had by those who want to learn. Many miners have learned to do their own fire assays and we offer complete fire assay kits with instructions! Simply mix your ore with our Premixed Flux (non-leaded flux available for international sales-obtain & add lead locally) in a Crucible. Place it in the Furnace. In an hour, pour the entire batch into the Pouring Mold. When it has cooled, break off the lead button that has formed. Place the lead button on a Cupel and back into the Furnace. Soon any precious metals present will remain in the form of a small bead. All materials and equipment are included in this kit so that you can do your own assays and determine the weight of the bead, without other equipment.made in usa The Advanced Fire Assay Kit offers additional equipment and supplies to the Beginners Fire Assay Kit, including the Automatic Temperature Control for the Furnace. The Analytical Balance is an easy-to-read digital unit. An excellent laboratory setup for any operation striving towards professional results. (You may substitute the #9 furnace with a larger one for the difference in the price.) Power: 110 or 220 VAC BASIC BEGINNER $4,000 EXPERT ADVANCE $11,000
  • electric melting furnace (8)electric melting furnace (5)
    electric melting furnace (8) electric melting furnace (5)
    Whether you need your floor mounted (stand alone) or Benchtop Laboratory Muffle Furnace for Heat Treatment & Pyrolysis, the table top “F” series are small furnaces for heat treating, laboratory and jewellery applications at maximum temperature of 2,300°F. These furnaces offer a rugged industrial construction with a top quality coating. canada manufacturer Characteristics
    • Sturdy Construction
    • Small Compact Design to Fit in Labs and Smaller Shops
    • Reliable
    • Easy to maintain and service
    • Incomparable service
    • General Heat Treatment
    • Research & Laboratory Work
    • Pyrolysis Process
    • Investment Casting
    • Jewellery
    High Performance Our benchtop muffle furnaces integrate quality components and superior workmanship, for maximum performance in a variety of industrial or laboratory applications, at temperatures as high as 2300°F (1260°C). Our Heavy duty construction creates a rugged furnace design which incorporates quality hardware to a heavy gauge casing, for increased durability in all type of processes. These tabletop units are available in either a green enamel finish or oxidation resistant stainless steel.
  • gold smelting kitgold smelting furnace (1)
    gold smelting kit gold smelting furnace (1)
    This propane fired furnace can smelt ore concentrates, fire assay, melt pure metals, old scrap jewelry. Included in your home Gold Ore Smelting Kit KK12 :
    • will be a custom USA built precision machined
    • bi-metal brass tipped Propane Burner,
    • 6' Hose with 30 psi regulator and needle valve,
    • Olympic Analog Pyrometer
    • Kiln liner maintenance kit.
    • A5 clay of a 15 lbs capacity (brass) (900 cc) or 17 kilos of gold if filled to the rim.
    • Alumina Silica Refractory interior rated for up to 2300° F.
    The KK-12 is constructed of a stainless steel tension adjustable jacket, surrounding alumina silicate refractory insulation that comprises the interior of the kiln. The refractory insulation has an operating temperature rating of 2300° F. We offer the only sectional kiln that allows for easy removal of the crucible before pouring. The liner of the kiln is constructed in a layered and stacked configuration and is less susceptible to cracking from thermal expansion and contraction, as each layer can expand or contract separately. Another feature of the layered and modular design is that individual sections of the kiln liner can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole liner, in the event of a serious spill or boil over of the crucible. Of course, instruction Manual included.usa manufacturer

    Deluxe Gold Smelting Furnace

    The Deluxe KK-12 Kit will include: An A5 clay graphite Salamander crucible and 10 pounds of our premium black gold flux - or - white flux for silver or copper. Shipping box will be 20" x 15" x 15" and weight will be around 38  pounds or 43 lbs deluxe.
  • gold-melting-furnace-kk-6_4gold-melting-equiment
    gold-melting-furnace-kk-6_4 gold-melting-equiment
    Portable propane fired Metal Melting Kiln designed to melt precious metals with speed and ease. Melt 1 to 6 oz of fine placer gold (1 to 3 oz silver). The Melting Furnace KKiln has a straight/vertical chamber and is a bit taller. The mini graphite crucibles are custom made for the kwik kiln. Other sizes will not fit properly. The GPK Kwik Kiln is designed to be heated with 2 pencil tip PROPANE torches simultaneously. Mag-Torch MT-200 pencil tip torches are highly recommended by our designer, for being more stable. They are an ‘all position’ torch and work well with the propane bottle on its side, are all brass and are made in the USA.usa manufacturer Please note: We cannot warranty any GPK Kwik Kiln heated too high, improperly, or in a manner that goes against their design. This includes using other types of torches, or using Mapp gas, which gives off more heat. We recommend using propane only.
  • gold_melting_kilngold-melting-furnace
    gold_melting_kiln gold-melting-furnace
    A Portable propane Gold Melting Furnace fired kiln designed to melt precious metals with speed and ease. Melt 1 to 6 oz of fine placer gold (1 to 3 oz silver). The Deluxe Kwik Kiln II Melting Kit with Mag-Torches includes:
    • One 4″ OD x 4″ tall kwik kiln,
    • spacer,
    • (2) mini graphite crucibles,
    • (1) graphite 2 oz gold (1 oz silver or copper) loaf mold,
    • 6″ scissor tongs.
    • Included are two MT200 pencil tip torches. Propane bottles not included.usa manufacturer
    These MT200 pencil tip torches are highly recommended by our designer as the ideal torches for use with our GPK Kwik Kiln. This mini kiln is not recommended for smelting ore concentrates, due to the limited capacity for both cons and refining flux 1 to 3 ratios.
  • metal melting furnace (1)gold smelting kit
    metal melting furnace (1) gold smelting kit
    The KK-6 is 6″ round and fits in between the 4″ Kwik Kiln and the 8″ KK-8. The KK-6 can melt precious metals in minutes, similar to all of our kilns, and can also smelt your ore concentrates.
    • 6″ round by 7″ tall refractory kiln with 3″ diameter x 4″ tall chamber 
    • A0.5 graphite clay crucible  
    • Clay Crucible Pedestal  
    • 8” Tongs,  
    • White Melting Flux 1 Pound  
    • Premium Gold Flux 1 Pound  
    • Graphite 5 oz / 10 oz Gold Combo Loaf Mold  
    • Jar Liner Restore High Quality Maintenance Material  
    • Instructions Manual, Smelting Tipsusa manufacturer
    Requires 2 MT 565 Mag-Torches (included) or Bernzomatic TS400 torches. Operates on propane only, not Mapp gas. A Salamander AO.5 clay crucible (sold separately) fits inside the 3″ round x 4″ tall chamber and can be used to melt up to a kilo of silver.
  • propane-smelting-furnacegold smelting
    propane-smelting-furnace gold smelting
    A modular mid-size propane gas kiln. If the mini kwik kiln is too small for your needs and our KK-8 too large, the KK-6, the perfect size. Deluxe Kit includes:
    • 6″ round by 7″ tall refractory kiln with 3″ diameter x 4″ tall chamber
    • 1 clay crucible stand
    • 1 Salamander A0.5 clay graphite crucible, which can melt up to a kilo of silver
    • 8″ tongs
    • Liner maintenance kit
    • 1 lb kwik kiln silver melting flux
    • 1 lb premium gold flux
    • Graphite combo loaf mold
    • Graphite 2 oz Gold Loaf Mold (1 oz Silver or Copper) - for smaller pours
    • NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles - for smaller pours (remove one of the chamber layers)
    • Jar Liner Restore High Quality Maintenance Material
    • Instructionsusa manufacturer
    Requires 2 MT 565 Mag-Torches (included) or Bernzomatic TS400 torches (not included)
  • gold-smelting-furnacen kit with cruciblegold-smelting-kit
    gold-smelting-furnacen kit with crucible gold-smelting-kit
    The Deluxe KK-8 Kit is the first, ultra quiet, sectional propane gas fired furnace that can smelt ore concentrates, fire assay, melt pure metals, old jewelry. It can do it all and in larger quantities. Included in this Kiln Kit:usa manufacturer
    • A custom USA built precision machined bi-metal brass tipped Propane Burner
    • 6′ Hose and 30 psi regulator
    • Needle Valve
    • Olympic Analog Pyrometer
    • Liner Maintenance Kit
    • Height: 11” x Width: 8” Diameter
    • Chamber: 5” Diameter x 5” Tall
    • Weight: 10 lb
    • Propane Fired (Do not use Mapp Gas)
    • Stainless Steel exterior
    • Alumina Silica Refractory interior rated for up to 2300° F.
    • Modular design – provides easier access & removal of crucible from chamber for pouring.
    • Olympic Analog Pyrometer
    • Custom made 160,000 BTU Bi-Metal Burner
    Available Accessories:
    • A2 Clay Graphite Salamander Crucible
    • Fused Silica Crucible
    • 18″ Tongs
    • Graphite Conical Two Depression Mold
    • Premium Flux
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