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Table Sampler

Our 16 to 1 sample splitter (also known as a Table Sampler) is designed to reduce large, relatively dry samples to workable testing sizes. A reduction of 16:1 is accomplished by simply pouring a large sample into the feed hopper, with the material effectively being reduced 16 times through a geometrically designed pattern.

The 16:1 is an excellent choice for aggregates and other materials that are reasonably well mixed. A 250 pound sample can be quickly reduced to 1 pound in two passes.

The 16:1 splitter is constructed of a rugged aluminum frame, supplied with removable legs for easy transportation and storage. The feed hopper and geometric pattern are constructed of abrasion-resistant steel. The maximum particle size for feed in this splitter should be ½ inch or less.



Dimensions: 18″ (W) X 27″ (D) x 36″ (H)
Shipping Weight: 50 Lbs.

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