Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide)

Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide) 2017-03-23T09:43:25+00:00
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Copper beneficiation collector (4 replies and 2 comments)

9 months ago
Omurvama 9 months ago


Now we are having problems in the selection of the flotation collector for a copper ore, in lab test we can´t see any difference in concentrates with sodium amyl xanthate and sodium isopropyl xanthate. Based on your experience which promoter supposed to work better in copper beneficiation?

Paul Morrow
9 months ago
Paul Morrow 9 months ago

Hola Omurvama,

What are your sample's assays?  Ore geology deposit type? Can you post your flotation tests results? What were your %mass pull? Frother? Etc etc.

If you can not see a difference, it could be that you are overdosed on both to begin with.

If you can reply with a PDF of your test results, that would be great.  

KAX is a classic for copper only ores.

9 months ago

What I found at Vatukoula Gold Mines, I could get a better recovery using a blend of PAX and SIBX rather than using either of the collectors at even higher dosages. I suspect this is due to the different length xanthate chain reacting differently with different sulphides. As with all process plants, differences abound

9 months ago
David 9 months ago

Collectors in reverse order of strength (strongest to weakest):

  1. PAX
  2. SIBX
  3. SIPX
  4. SEX
  5. Methyl Xanthate (uncommon)
What is the strongest xanthate
So yes, initial dosage is important.
9 months ago

David. Thank you so much this was really useful, I´m really interested on the topic, where can I get the full paper of this graphics?

9 months ago
David 9 months ago

Can you post your test results here?

+ review

7 months ago
cmutale3 7 months ago
1 like by David

Try to carry out optimization tests using various combination ratios of these collectors.

Currently we are using MX 5149 as a primary collector and SEX secondary. David, MX is stronger than SEX but less selective.

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