Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide)

Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide) 2017-04-04T06:57:31+00:00
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Lead flotation -Pb-Fe-OH (3 replies)

9 months ago
mjhabibian 9 months ago

I try to float the lead mineral the mineralogy is as follow:

The sample consist mainly of various types of Fe hydroxides and silica together which occupies over 81 volumetric percent of the sample. The main Pb-bearing phase is actually a Fe hydroxide with a 5 to 15 percent of Pb substitution. This phase seems to be a multidimensional spectrum and therefore, determination of specific minerals is very difficult – if possible. However, this spectrum of mineralogy shares almost the same characteristics and contains %43.1 of total Pb content. A %29.4 fraction of total Pb content occurs in Cerussite and a %23.6 in Galena.

When the Iron excessed than 15% in feed  the recovery fall to 50%.

How can I improve the recovery?

The plant flotation condition is :

Ore with high Iron ore content
Type Tonnage(ton/month) Pb Assay(%) Recovery(%)
Feed 8220 2.14 -
Tail 8082 1.32 -
Concentrate 138 49.52 38.85%
Reagent Consumption
Type  Consumption (kg/month)  Consumption (gr/ton)
Sodium Sulfide 2,000 243
Potassium Amyl Xanthate 735 89
CuSO4 300 36
NaOH 8,250 1003
Cyanide 100 12
Sodium hexametaphosphate - -
H2SO4 1,560 189.7
Pine Oil 180 21.8
Sodium Silicate - -
Steel Ball 4,250 517
Oil - -
 AEROPHINE 3418 20 2.4
 AEROFLOAT 242 40 4.8
 AEROFLOAT 241 40 4.8
max skinner
9 months ago
max skinner 9 months ago
2 likes by Bill Fraser and David

I floated lead oxide ore at 200 tons per day for nearly 10 years at the Darwin Mine in California. When I took over the mill, The Anaconda Company had been getting about 50% recovery and a 30 to 40% grade of concentrate, I found a way to get the recovery up to 85% and the grade of concentrates to push 50%. The lead minerals were cerrusite, anglesite, and some galena. There was considerable jarosite which was the main problem, likely your lead substitution mineral, jarosite has a habit of doing that. I did not use near the array of reagents you are using, the secret was in the way you used the sodium sulfide. What happens to your froth as you up the amount of sod. sulfide? Does it go wild, so much that you cannot contain it? 

Bill Fraser
9 months ago
Bill Fraser 9 months ago

Yes, pretty complicated and exotic mix you got on.  For simplicity, I would turn off AEROPHINE/AEROFLOAT 242/241 and use for PAX if you need collection.

You are adding NaCN and sulphuric acid in the same pot?  Nice!

Can you post a detailed flowsheet of all this?

Do you have laboratory grade/recovery and a mass-pull/recovery and a recovery/time flotation tests you can share?

Are you sure your grind P80 is OK?

What pH are you doing all this at?

9 months ago
David 9 months ago

mjhabibian, thank you for a complete and detailed question.  You are an example to others.
We'll help you as best as we can. 

Your chemistry does appear much too much complex. How can you operate the circuit with so many magic reagents applied?

Have you ever done lab tests using a very simple scheme:  NaHS + PAX at pH 7-8?

Be sure to look at and

Years ago, gravity was used to take advantage of the lead's weight. You would need to test this to see if it applies to your situation.

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