Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide)

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Rotor rotation direction of flotation machine (4 replies)

2 months ago
Anupam 2 months ago

What should a flotation cells' rotor direction of rotation be; clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Bill Fraser
2 months ago
Bill Fraser 2 months ago

It does not matter. Just be sure to alternate from cell to cell. The helps reduce material short-circuiting from one cell to the next cell all the way down the bank.

Regular lubrication of shaft bearings is important, and bearing temperatures should be checked manually on a regular basis. The linings on the shaft, rotor, and stator should be inspected in each shutdown for wear, cracks, and chunk-type failure. Components with severe damage should be removed and replaced. Concentrically of the rotor inside the draft tube or stator should be checked.

Rotation should be reversed every shutdown, to achieve even wear on both sides of the blades. If rotation is not reversed regularly, symmetry will not be maintained, and then, when rotation is reversed, the motor may trip out due to excess current draw. Vibration should be checked against baseline values at least quarterly.

In self-aerated machines, the air openings should be cheeked to insure they arc clear. Similarly, in forced-air machines, the air intake openings in the rotor should he cleared of any residual slurry or debris.


2 months ago
AJNeale 2 months ago
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Wow - that's a great response from Bill.  The one thing I might add is to get yourself a hand-held Vibration Meter like the Fluke 805 FC and implement a regular program of checking both the motor and the impeller shaft for vibration.  I know the maintenance guys will tell you that they'll take care of this, but these things often get overlooked.  I have had a lot of success with vibration monitoring as it will often allow you to implement changes before you have a catastrophic failure.  I don't rep or sell Fluke meters, so I'm not pushing any particular brand.  Fluke equipment is on the high end of the price range, but it is quality equipment.

Best Regards and Good Luck


2 months ago
David 2 months ago

Thanks for the great add-on Andrew.

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter and TPI 9070 Smart Vibration Meter as a cheaper alternative, maybe.

max skinner
2 months ago
max skinner 2 months ago

I think the best way to handle this is to ask the manufacturer which is the correct rotation. If you are using older cells, like Denver cell to cell, there is only one way that will work.

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