Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide)

Froth Flotation (Sulphide & Oxide)

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What are the reasons for the lack of actual and computational production in the processing plant? (2 replies and 1 comment)

2 years ago
mardin 2 years ago

In our factory, by determining the monthly production amount, the actual amount of concentration is usually different from the computational amount of it (always the actual is more with the significant difference.

The amount of feed is completely clear on a ton per hour basis. Laboratory results were also compared with other laboratories, with no significant differences. Can anyone guide me on this subject?

Todd H
2 years ago
Todd H 2 years ago

What type of production are you referring to - flotation?

Laboratory results are often different from actual plant data - that is where expertise in scale-up come into play.  There are many effects depending on the process for example:

batch vs continuous

froth crowding and transport distance

bubble contact

manual froth scraping efficiency 

Short circuiting

Conditioning time

Water recycle


Kind Regards



Todd Harvey - Global Resource Engineering

2 years ago

Thanks for your answer.
We produce lead by flotation.
I mean that the tonnage of the concentrate is more than its computational value based on the mass balance.about the laboratory results i mean feed and concentrate and tail grade.

2 years ago
Jorge 2 years ago

The difference is related a several factor. For example, samples were not taken when the plant was at steady state. Usually, the sampler takes samples without knowing the status of the operation. The ore feed control is other point, if the belt scale or other related device is not calibrated properly, the tonnage used in the formulas to estimate the production would not a potential error. Also, there are losses associated to the concentrate handling, when these losses are accumulated, they will have an impact on the effective production of concentrate. It is important to mention that how to take samples from tailings stream is an important aspect, specially when the final tailings comprise two or more streams. Other source of error is the moisture content of the concentrate.

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