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what is agitated column flotation? (2 replies)

5 months ago
f.hatami 5 months ago

i read a paper with title 

"Fine pyrite flotation in an agitated column cell" and have no information about this topic.

Paul Morrow
5 months ago
Paul Morrow 5 months ago


As your paper says https://www.researchgate.net/publication/240407919_Fine_pyrite_flotation_in_an_agitated_column_cell

It is an Agitated Column...and agitation affects recovery.

This is like/similar to a recirculation column I think.

Jorge Ganoza
5 months ago
Jorge Ganoza 5 months ago
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The recovery of fine pyrite using an agitated column cell was an investigation in the met lab. Nowadays, two of the main manufacturers of column cells provide columns equipped with recirculation pumps, which promote the collision of fine particles. This kind of column flotation cell are installed in different operations to improve the recovery of fine minerals (e.g. chalcopyrite, sphalerite). 

It important to perform tests to evaluate the performance. The mineralogical information is important too.

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