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Free Accuracy and Precision Software (4 replies)

Rahil Khan
1 year ago
Rahil Khan 1 year ago

Does anyone have a free accuracy and precision checking software that allows one to easily plot Thompson Howarth, HARD, ARD, QQ Plots, Scaterplots. Even if it’s an excel based programme?

Carl Jenkins
1 year ago
Carl Jenkins 1 year ago

I highly recommend looking at R packages. The software comes at a good price (freely available) and there is a lot of good support. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX so it should work on whatever you have at hand.

On Windows there are some GUI style interfaces for it, but most people, particularly if you are working with graphics very quickly get into creating their own scripts. You have much better control over the graphics and you keep the script that made the graphics which can then be reused in the next project/application. Tweaking the finer points for a report quality graphic are much easier when you have a script that you can tweak and re-run.

There are many sources of example (working) code that can be used to start with. The GSC has published the rgr package which includes Thompson-Howarth plots. Some of the other plots you mention are included in the base package and graphics. Look at the following link for the book Statistics and Data Analysis Explained:

All of the graphics in the book are shown on the web site with the R code used to make them. It’s a good book too. A clear presentation for geoscience applications which gets into the meaning of the methods and results - not just how to do them!

I use R graphics for water quality and characterization plots when working with brines, but we do most of our QAQC and other data presentation with them as well. A volume of scripts quickly gets built up.

1 year ago
Sturmbann 1 year ago

I use the excel macro kindly provided by Marat Abzalov as mentioned in "Abzalov, M. (2008). Quality control of assay data: a review of procedures for measuring and monitoring precision and accuracy. Exploration and Mining Geology, Vol. 17, Nos 3-4, 131-144." it is a very easy to use tool for QAQC data analysis. The R package recommended above is a quite useful tool.

Rahil Khan
1 year ago
Rahil Khan 1 year ago

I'll give both a try.

Bill Fraser
1 year ago
Bill Fraser 1 year ago

Use Snowden's Supervisor. But half a day setting up in excel would do the trick just fine.

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