Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

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DMS Cyclone using Barite as medium (2 replies and 1 comment)

2 years ago
richardh 2 years ago


I need some assistance on something very new to me.

Has anyone had any experience with a DMS cyclone using fine Barite as the medium? If so what would be the parameters used in terms of cyclone configuration and feed parameters?




2 years ago
Khoboko 2 years ago

Hi Richard, 

For what commodity or mineral is the DMS? This will have direct influence on your envisage operating density, medium viscosity and other nitty gritties. And one other thing, how are you going to recover back your medium for reuse in the system? Recovery by magnetic exploitation is common for its simplicity...barite is diamagnetic. 

Thabo Khoboko 

2 years ago

Hi Thabo, I'm fully on top of standard FeSi/Magnetite media circuits. Barite was used in Barvoys medium baths, read up on that and you'll see the recovery method used, which was flotation. Farly old process. I need some assistance as this seems to be used in S America and on Cyclones but I cannot find out too much info and it is for sand washing.

2 years ago
SmartDog 2 years ago

Cyclone design and configuration is less dependent on media used than feed rate, separating characteristics (float vs sink), materiel size distribution, and feed pressure.

Media selection is based on desired separating gravity and media recovery processes.  

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