Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

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Knelson 7.5 with vibrating screen (2 replies)

3 years ago
Raulacun 3 years ago

I have a Knelson 7.5 with vibrating screen. Someone stole the electric motors of the concentrator and the screen. To replace them locally, I need to know the rpm of the motor and the diameter of the original pulley, here we use 110/220 V 60 hz monofasic.
Can anyone help me with this information?

Note : I wrote to Knelson Concentrators  but never got a response

C. Arnold
3 years ago
C. Arnold 3 years ago

Hi Raul,

Sorry to hear that you didn't get a response from Knelson. 

I would imagine this MD7.5 would be fixed speed, and therefore RPM will be standard to 60hz motor.  The concentrator should be 3/4Hp and screen 1/3Hp.  I have sent a request for a Private Message, so I can send you contact info to help with the rest of your questions. 



3 years ago

Good morning Raul.

Chris' answer is correct. You should only know that the cone should rotate at 400 RPM.

Commercially the 3 / 4HP engine can be purchased at 1750 RPM. I do not remember the diameter of the pulleys, but I imagine that you have the driven pulley (larger pulley) with which the calculation of the driving pulley (smaller pulley) can be calculated with the following formula:

DxN1 = dxN2


D: Larger pulley diameter

d: Minor pulley diameter

N1: RPM greater pulley

N2: RPM lower pulley

Receives a warm greeting.

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