Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods 2017-03-23T09:48:57+00:00
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Water Split/Balance on gravity concentrators (4 replies)

1 year ago
JohnnyD 1 year ago

Using gravity concentrators like spirals or jigs, how is the water distribution estimated or calculated between Concentrate and Reject/tailings?

During preparation of the Flow sheet from lab results we came across water balance of the gravity concentrator . It is difficult to assume how water is redistributed/split in between concentrate and reject part of the feed. Water distribution actually depends on Particle Size Distribution PSD and quality of the concentrate and reject.

David Kano
1 year ago
David Kano 1 year ago

With regards to a shaking table gravity concentrator over 90% of the water will go to the tails edge of the table. As the amount of feed water and wash water required if different for each mineral it is not possible to give an exact figure. The only way to determine this is through laboratory and pilot test work of representative samples from across the deposit.

Victor Bergman
1 year ago
Victor Bergman 1 year ago

In tables the water will predominately go with the flow across the the long axis of the table, the short axis (direction of shaking) will have a much lower flow. the 90/10 split is fairly common. As to spirals the split is more even and generally in proportion to the amount of material reporting to the heavy and light fractions.

1 year ago
JohnnyD 1 year ago

Thanks you both, but what about Spiral and Jigs. How water is redistributed in between product and reject in case of Spiral and Jigs.

Tony Verdeschi
1 year ago
Tony Verdeschi 1 year ago

Spirals will cut the water split to the reject such that extra water is often needed to carry the heavy concentrate to the collection point.

Jig water split is a matter of hutch water addition. As the specific gravity difference between concentrate and tails decreases more hutch water is needed to effect a clean split along with adjustments to impulse speed and throw.

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