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Outotec MillSense real-time mill charge analyzer (2 replies)

Ace Levy
8 months ago
Ace Levy 8 months ago

Has anyone had any experience with the Outotec MillSense real-time mill charge analyzer? It is a very innovative approach but does it work? Are you using it for day to day decision making?

8 months ago
Obersturmbann 8 months ago

No. But I think that the concept by the MillSense is not that accurate. They determine the loading of the mill based on the mill motor current. This type of measurement by nature is rather slow. The current transformer is by definition "a transformer" and as such will have a natural time delay. The big/fast variations are not necessarily pick up or recorded. If the current sensor could be improved to "react faster" then maybe this concept could be used.

The type of measurement done with some sort of vibration sensors on the mill shell are definitely better and will give more information of the load condition of the Mill.

Raje Singh
8 months ago
Raje Singh 8 months ago

Very interesting concept, do you have an indicative cost of purchase and install. Wonder how much optimization can be achieved and how practical is the application on day to day mill operation. As pointed out the instrument relies on current draw when the lifter liner impacts the charge, there are many other factors that impact this. I suppose one can also get an instrument for every other factor/parameter.

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