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Dry Concentrate Sampling (5 replies and 1 comment)

11 months ago
Bobson 11 months ago

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with representatively sampling dry/moist concentrate?

After filtering, the concentrate is transported via conveyor belt (As usual).

There are several places to install a cross belt sampler, however, I have never worked with these samplers nor seen then employed in other operations for this duty. It seems that the conveyor profile must match the cutter trajectory which feels a little fiddly and hard to design correctly.

There are also places to install a cross stream sampler but I am not sure if this will function well with a concentrate which can be moist and clumpy. It seems likely that the sampler would be particularly prone to blockages.

Is it a fools errand to try and take a representative sample of dry (10% Moist!) concentrate?

Jorge Ganoza
11 months ago
Jorge Ganoza 11 months ago
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It is possible to sample samples of filtered concentrates reporting a moisture content of 10%. I think, you should try to use a spear, or may be an auger. It is important to consider the total depth.

11 months ago
David 11 months ago

Hi Bob and welcome to 911met.

I have worked with multiple cross-belt sample cutters.  They are your cheapest alternative.  Insure you build that cross-belt cut on a flat section of your conveyor.

"Cross stream sampler" are those at the head-pulley?   They are rumoured to be the best most representative sample collection type.  They will cost you an arm + a leg however.

The cross-belt cutters I have worked with would cut and collect about 1 cup on concentrate every 20 minutes from a 1 meter wide belt carrying 40 TPH of 7 to 11% sphalerite concentrate.


Here is a sampler on a plant feed at 140 TPH


11 months ago

Hi David's
You have a very good site.
Is the sampler above for concentrate with dimensions less than 300 microns are also used?


11 months ago
David 11 months ago

Thank you soheil & welcome to 911Met.

Yes, this sampler will work on -300 microns concentrates.

11 months ago
Bobson 11 months ago


Thanks for the informative and quick response!

Yes, I was considering a cross stream sampler for a head pully/ transfer chute. But, as you say, it would probably be a more complicated (and expensive) bit of kit.

The cross-belt sampler seems to be the best option and it's encouraging that you have previously had good experience with them.



11 months ago
David 11 months ago

In comparison, this is a general arrangement drawing for a $300,000 head pulley sample cutter construction.


Also refer to

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